Your word is a huge key to more wealth, more love, more of everything you want in life.

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You cant control everything so focus on things you can. Believe that the Universe will take care of the rest when you do your bit!There is something really powerful about your word. When you say you will do something, do you follow through? Or do you find a whole lot of reasons and excuses that get in they way of you fulfilling what you said you would do?

Of course, you can change your mind about doing something but do you tell people ahead of time? Or do you pretend you never gave your word and therefore lose trust.

Because it is all about trust

And where there is no trust, there can be no real relationship.

And in business, without trust or relationship, there is no money being made!

Do you understand just how important your word is?

Think of your kids – They hand on your every word when they are young and then as they get older and older, they realize that what you say to them, you never follow through on and so you lose their trust.

And trust, when lost, is hard to get back.

When it comes to building your vision, you started by making a commitment to yourself that you would succeed but at what point do you decide not to follow through and therefore, you cause yourself to doubt yourself.

For a long time, I was someone who dabbled and dithered and so I learnt to doubt myself. I never quite knew how long I would stick at doing things before I quit so my self esteem was at an all time low.

My word was worthless.

Now, I make commitments and I can trust myself to follow through and I feel completely different from the way I used to. And all because I decided to!

My self esteem is at an all time high and I am convinced that I can create whatever I put my hand to. My word is strong. If I give you my word, you can trust that I will follow through (except for being anywhere on time but I promise NEVER to promise that!)

I consider myself a leader, a warrior and I am supremely determined to be all that I have determined and it all starts with my word.

Again, do you understand how important your word is?

Do you trust you?

Do you trust that you will follow through on whatever you put your mind to?

Is your word, your bond?

Can your customers, colleagues, partner trust that you will follow through on what you say or can they expect you to have some weak reason for not doing what you said you would do?

And then you wonder why your business does not grow…

And you wonder why your relationships are rubbish…

And let’s not talk about how healthy you are NOT!

Pay attention!

Being a person of your word is powerful.

Being a person who stays the course is powerful!

Being a person who can be trusted earns you respect.

And yes, that will translate into more business but that is not all, it will show up in all areas of your life.

Be a person of your word if you truly want to succeed.

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