No one else can create your vision for you

No one else can take your vision from you

Your Vision is YOUR Vision

It is not in your heart to taunt you

It is not in your heart to make you feel bad

It is there for you to create

Step by step

Piece by Piece

Day by day

You move towards it

You refuse to be swayed

Adversity may come

Setbacks may happen

None of that is permanent

You & Your Vision ARE

You lean into the Divine

For guidance

For love

For security

And you keep taking the next obvious step

You trust that everything you need to create your glorious vision will become apparent as you need it

You do not wait to have everything lined up ahead of time

You trust and you move

You deeply KNOW and continually reaffirm and remind yourself that your vision is YOUR vision to create.

Others may not understand why you think it is possible to create this vision – They do not need to understand

Your vision is YOUR vision

Stop waiting for anyone to understand

Stop waiting for anyone’s permission

Stop trusting ANYONE more than you trust yourself

Your vision is YOUR vision.

There is always a way to create it for the determined one

No matter what it looks like on the outside, you get to choose – Will I create this vision or will I not?

Everyday, you get to choose – Will I create this vision or not?

Every moment of every day, the universe awaits your decision and you show your decision by your focus

Are you focused on all that you do not yet have?

Or are you focused on the completed vision within you?

Are you looking back with regret as though the past defines your future or are you continually taking the next step knowing that every setback is just a set up for the next part of your journey towards the creation of your true design vision?

Your vision is YOUR vision

Your vision is your permission

You are capable of it

You are worthy of it

You are ENOUGH to create it

Will you?

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Much Amazing Love


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