Your true power is within.

But most people think that their only power is based in how hard they work and how long they work for (some even think that the amount of pain they go through will determine how worthy they are for the good life)

And when they realise that they have hit a ceiling in working hard, they tell themselves the story that this is as good as life can get.

And they give up, distract themselves and just wait to die


You sense there is an unlimitedness to you and you sense that there is so much more available to you.

But it seems impossible and too ‘magical thinking’ to believe that your true power lies in things like thoughts, feelings, connection to the Divine, imagination, left/right brain alignment etc.

Of course, this does not take away the need to DO.

The DOing can become a joyful part of life on this planet, if you would stop thinking that you HAVE TO do whatever you HAVE TO do to get by and to keep everyone & God, happy.

There is a better way to live.

There really is.

Oh honey, your mindset really does need rewiring.

You need to change what you are immersing yourself in, FOR REALS!

It is keeping you in struggle pathway when you really do not have to stay there anymore.

OK, let’s be brutally honest, making your transition to a more ease and joy-filled existence will feel like hell at times because you’ll be going against what you have always considered to be true.

So, you will keep to-ing and fro-ing from one extreme of ‘it cannot be this easy, I better go do that thing I hate to do before I lose everything’ to ‘oh, I am back in struggle valley again, I better go back and connect to Source and feel awesome again’.

And Jesus did not lie when he said you may lose partners, parents, brothers, sisters etc as they may not want to come with you on this crazy journey you seem to be on. (Of course, you will not easily admit that life feels more peaceful without them so you will be given to having episodes of guilt and anger)

Yep, the transition can seem quite tumultuous (though, I imagine if you read my work, your life already feels somewhat tumultuous but you are familiar with that permanent kind of pain so you might convince yourself to keep it – Better the devil you know and all that)

And yet, if you are awakening as YOU ARE, you know there is no going back to that sleepwalking.

You cannot unsee the truth, can you?

So, come, my love.


Come immerse yourself in programs that elevate and empower you.

Come immerse yourself in programs that remind you of your true design.

Come immerse yourself in programs that enable you to make your transition a little more easily as you realise that what you are going through, is not unique to you.

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Much Amazing Love

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