Your time is limited – Is this how you want to spend it?

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Your time is limited


How would you live if you KNEW you had 365 days left? Just 1 year left?

Go on, think about it – What would you be doing right now?

We can all be accused of going through life as though we have unlimited time, don’t you think? I talk to my princesses and my oldest one, particularly, cannot wait to be an adult. She loves to do the same thing I do (scary!!!), she wants to be like me, have what I have, do what I do.

She wants to understand being an adult and she wants to grow up quickly so she can get freedom to do whatever she wills.

It seems exciting to be completely in control of your own destiny…

Little does she know, how much time adults spend stuck doing what they do not want to do.

She thinks you grow older and suddenly, freedom is everywhere and you can do what you like when you like. Simple enough idea, right? And when you are a child, it seems impossible that the adults you see, are trapped in lives they do not like AND THEY DO NOT EVEN HAVE PARENTS TO TELL THEM NOT TO DO THIS OR THAT.

So, I imagine that when I talk to her about what most adults do with their time, she thinks they must be CRAZY!

And she is blessed indeed that she sees that there can be another way to live. Most children do not have that privilege. They see their parents everyday go off to do something they do not want to do.

And they think this is the norm.

And they grow up to do the same.

Giving away their very limited time for a bag of gold that they never ever actually touch because before they get their hands on it, it is dispersed to various other places like the house payments, the electricity bill, the gas bill, the water bill, the car payments and so on, and so on.

Is this all life has for them?

Is this really how YOU want to spend the rest of your life?

So, again, the question…

If you knew you had only a year to live, would THIS be good enough?

Really, would it?

I have a feeling that if you were right in front of me, right now and I asked you the question, you would tell me about quitting your job, about travelling the world, about spending more time with the ones you love, about spending some time on your own remembering who you are.

Remembering when things were fun…

Remembering when there were not so many responsibilities and you had big dreams of how you would conquer the world.

But it has been a while since you allowed yourself to dream, hasn’t it?

It feels like reality has beaten the dream out of you and all you have is an okay existence, definitely something to be thankful for but vaguely dissatisfying at best.

This was not the life you imagined as a child. You grew into a teenager and started to think that you would not do exactly the same as your parents did. You would have time, you would pursue your interests, you would be different and then life happened.

And now you are blessed indeed to spend a few hours with your friends in a bar and you can all reminisce on when life was free and easy and you could do whatever you wanted and then you go back home and the daily grind continues.

Is this really all there is?

Well, no, this is not all there is but it is all you have chosen.

And so, it is all you get.

But any day now, you could choose a different path, you could choose to experience more, you could choose to be more, to do more, to have more.

It is all within your hands.

What if you calculated how many days you had left and instead of thinking of yourself as your current age, in my case, 36 years old, you instead thought of yourself as so many days left.

Would that change the way you lived?

Would you be so desperate to please other people if you realized you only had so many days left?

Think about it…

On average in the UK, Australia or US, you get maybe 80 years.

Africa, you get maybe 52 years.

So, here I am at 36 years old and I am almost half way there.

If I live until 80, I have 44 x 365 days to go (16060 days)

If I move back to Africa, I have 12 x 365 days to go (4380 days !!!! Wow!)

What if you lived as though you had limited time? Rather than unlimited time. What if you lived like each day could well be your last day?

Would you really spend your time the way you do? Would you really have experienced so little of the world?

Man, it is time to step up and LIVE.

It is time to see the value you have to offer the world and it is time to start allowing yourself to experience everything, to start that business, to start speaking your truth, to start travelling, to start being present with your family, to start loving YOU, to start REALLY LIVING again.

You remember how to do it as a child and then life whacked it out of you but it is time to remember.

To come alive again.

To have fun again.

To start NOW!

Much Amazing Love

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