It is time to let go of the pain you feel because you have not reached your goals yet.

It is time to stop looking back with regret and grief.

It is time to stop telling the story of “It has not happened yet so therefore it may never happen”

AWAKEN to your new season of deeper spiritual growth and soaring business & income growth

Understand FULLY that everything that brought you to this moment…

Every delay

Every disappointment

Every frustration

Every setback

Every moment of being misunderstood

Every depressing failure

Every broken relationship

Every single feeling of betrayal

Even the times when you have felt so distant from the Divine and all the moments of wondering if you have been abandoned

ALL OF THAT horrid stuff that you kept standing through…

ALL OF IT can and will be used for your ultimate elevation

But you MUST let go of the regret, the guilt, the shame

You MUST stop feeling like you need to be punished for not being where you thought you should be by now

You MUST stop thinking that the Divine needs or needed you to jump through hoops to get all that you desire out of life

There is a way to be grateful for all that has happened

There is a way to bless and praise it all

And you MUST find that way because then you become the clear channel for prosperity that you have always KNOWN you are meant to be

As you learn to look back with fondness and gratitude, you allow it all to be used for your highest good.

Do you not see that you are perfectly positioned, right now, to receive all that you have been dreaming about for the longest time ever?

Yes, you took a few detours into fear, doubt and despair but you do not have to stay there.

You can allow all of it  to mould you into a spiritual boss that will not be swayed

You can allow it all to mould you into the champion leader you need to be for those you are called to serve

You can see even more clearly their challenges and become an even more effective coach, healer, teacher, counsellor, adviser.

Praise the pain for the mess has become your message

AWAKEN! Your new season is here – Let it all be used to propel you forward! Now is NOT the time to shrink back – CHARGE FORWARD with power, purpose, confidence – Fortune restoration and expansion is HERE.

Speak life over every dream

DECIDE now to learn the practical strategies that will enable you to dominate in the marketplace

LEAN DEEPER into the Divine and allow yourself to be empowered with love energy from within

Your season for rapid elevation is here – Will you open your eyes and see? or will you continually look back with regret?


If you are that action oriented spiritual entrepreneurial type, ready to change lives, make a difference and create a lot of money living in your true design, come do life with me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE FAST TRACK…

Let’s start/grow your spiritual business and take it to a 6 figure enterprise within the next 12 months

Let’s turn your skills and wisdom into a business that serves those you are called to

It is time to focus all your energy forward into your vision, rather than continually allowing your energy to be split all over your sad memories of the past

I will support you through your transition

Come learn the practical strategies required to promote yourself in the marketplace

And also learn the spiritual and personal growth techniques required to BE the leader you are called to be in the marketplace.


It is your season for acceleration and there is no mistake about you being here, reading this.

Go now to and join in

No more delays – Get started on BUSINESS HERO BOOTCAMP now and put in place all the elements of a 6 figure spiritual business

Let’s go, my love.

Do it now.

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