Whether you are aware of it or not, your thoughts do create your reality.

Whether you are willing to take responsibility for them or not, your thoughts DO create your reality.

You are not helpless.

You are not powerless to change.

You are CHOOSING whether to be a victim of circumstances or creator of circumstances.

I understand that it can seem almost too incredible that you have so much say over your life but you do.

It is not the Divine’s will that you be stuck in struggle and sacrifice and lack.

It is yours.

It is not the Divine’s will to teach you lessons in this lifetime and train you for an eternity of glorious delight in the next.

It is your belief that makes you think that.


You are happening to it.

You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine.

You have the same power to create running through you.

You are more than flesh, blood and bones.

Are you ready to awaken?

I exhort you to come into the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Come immerse your mind in empowering ideas for 30 days

Leave behind the pain, powerlessness and limiting stories of the past.

Rise victorious in your true design.

You are born for and capable of so much more and YOU KNOW IT!

So awaken from this self-imposed slumber and choose now to live a powerful existence.

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Much Amazing Love

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