I have lots of reasons to be fearful and suspicious…

Armed robbers showing up unexpectedly in the middle of the night and killing people, beating my mum in my childhood home…

Family members pretending to be friends and then, using what I wrote in my diaries, or said to them in private, against me to curry favour with my parents…

Family members stealing from me

Stories of black magic causing the car accident that left my dad paralysed from his neck down

Sexual abuse in my home, while my parents were busy getting my dad sorted out after the accident…

And I could go on…

You probably have your stories of woe as well…

And I guess I could have continued to use all of that as a reason to walk around with a high tower all around me

And in fact, for a long, long season, I did

People are not to be trusted, I would say…

They are just being people, they cannot help it, they let you down, I would say

And I felt justified

But my life was on hold

Because everything I desired in my life, was going to come through a person and if I did not find the courage to trust, then the Divine could try to send me all my good but I would never be able to receive it.

You probably feel justified too

You say you want to be in online business

You say you want to change lives

You say you want to create wealth

But then you are even too scared to put a profile pic on social media, just in case someone, somewhere uses it to steal all your data, or something

And yep, it COULD happen, right?!

And so, you allow your fear of what COULD happen…maybe… stop you from living life to the full…

You allow your fear of other people, stop you moving forward

The profile pic is such a little example, really…

You know how much your suspicions drive you

You keep watching and waiting to see if that person who you sense could support you in moving forward, will do something to confirm your suspicions that they are just out to get your money

You sit on the fence, dithering, dilly-dallying and procrastinating on taking your next moves in life because you are so scared of being taken advantage of…

Anytime, a good thing comes along, you look for the catch

And even when you dare to invest in something, you do not get anything out of it because you were looking for the flaw, looking for the letdown, instead of using whatever you receive to prosper

And then you come out of that coaching relationship with another chip on your shoulder about the false gurus out there

I still remember doing my property mastermind which cost me about £10k – I was petrified and it was a big leap of faith for me but I decided to mine for the gold:  I made a commitment to myself that I would make my money back from what I was taught

Another 40 or so people made the same investment and most of them were the suspicious type, looking for the flaws, instead of looking for the gold

Guess what you always find?!


And so, I came away having replaced my initial investment and also, having won a Porsche Boxster for my efforts

A few others also came away with gold

More than 70% of the others had either dropped out, claiming that they had been sold a lie

Or they just retreated back into their high tower and achieved nothing

SAME EXACT TRAINING – Such different results

And why?

The Dominant Thought in the Brain

Lets talk a little about love…

Maybe you are out of a love relationship and you want one and yet, you keep saying things like, “There are no good people left on the planet” and so even when anyone does show any interest in you, you think they are just playing games with you, or they just want your money or your body and so you end up chasing them away with all the games YOU insist on playing to get them to prove themselves to you!

If you happen to be in a relationship, you cannot relax…

You keep waiting for your partner to mess up.

Any mistake they make is proof that they do not love you…

You are already ready to walk out the door but you will tell yourself that it is your partner’s fault.

And so your life just continues to pass you by, because you think everyone is on some kind of mission to take you down

You miss out on life because of your fears.

When will you stop allowing fear and suspicion to drive you?

Honey, the Divine would love to love on you…

You are truly worthy of the best of everything

But this high tower you persist in keeping up, is protecting you from your good.

CHOOSE FAITH AND LOVE, over fear and suspicion

You are not an island

You are not created to do life alone or behind a facade

Everyone is NOT out to get you

The universe is a friendly place unless you choose to dwell on negativity then you will find that your whole life seems to be full of negativity

And you will think it is everyone else’s fault

Not realising that you are LITERALLY ATTRACTING the worst of the worst to your own awesome self because you are sending out a beacon all the time of ‘I am a victim.  Come get me’ 

And you do not even realise how powerful you are.


Lay down your arms

Learn to trust the intuitive nudge

Stop letting fear guide you


there is a light within you, seeking to shine

You do deeply desire to change more lives and create more wealth

But neither of those things will happen while you stay within your little scared bubble within the high tower


Come out and play, love!

YES, play!

It is the childlike who inherit the kingdom


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Much Amazing Love

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