Who would you be without your suffering?

I don’t mean to take it (or you) lightly as I know the suffering does feel so real to you.

My suffering felt so real to me too.

I have made many mistakes in my life, probably more than most (or maybe I am trying to win the right to suffer!)

Many times, I felt full of regret and I indulged it for too long.

This caused suffering…

It resolved nothing.

And also ‘They’ had done so much to me and it was completely true – ‘They’ had.

I tried first to forgive ‘them’, to appease ‘them’, to serve ‘them’, to talk with ‘them’ about how I felt and all that ‘they’ had done wrong so that they would see the folly of their ways and change…

Because if ‘they’ would change and apologize to me, then I could finally be at peace, I would finally be able to set myself free from the past.

Well, that did not work.

‘They’ did not understand why I was making such a mountain out of a molehill and their cavalier attitude towards my ‘suffering’ made my ‘suffering’ feel even worse.

So I decided to cut ‘them’ out of my life so that I could stop the suffering…

And there was peace when I did not see ‘them’ and I thought it was all handled but then, I would see ‘them’ or hear from ‘them’ or have a memory of ‘them’ or fail at something that I remember seeing ‘them’ do and it would all come back with a WHOOSH and I was back to square one.

I became the ‘suffering’ one again…

For some, you take on the suffering role because you think it makes you more personable, more liked, more ‘good’ and ‘nice’ and it might work a little bit to get people’s attention as they use your need to be needed but you are usually also filled with resentment and PAIN!

I finally realised that I was suffering because I chose to suffer.

It was that simple.

Yes, all manner of ‘not so nice’ things had happened…

Yes, I could quote all types of trauma and pain…

Yes, ‘they’ may even have done me wrong…

But if I wanted to be free and if I wanted to prosper then I needed to let the suffering go.

There was no room for prosperity while I so resolutely held onto my suffering.

Honey, you may still not see how you cause your own current suffering by holding on so tightly to this identity of being the wounded one, the martyr, the one who has more troubles than anyone else…

You may not see how you magnify your pain because you do not know how or who to be without your suffering…

But if I could just get your attention for one moment here…

If I could help you consider that your current suffering is your choice…

Then maybe, just maybe, you will let it go so that you can prosper and thrive instead of continually looking back, continually telling yourself that you have no choices, continually holding on to the very thing you say you no longer want.


Let the suffering go.

Choose peace.

Choose prosperity.

Choose to live your true design life

You are not manifesting the life you claim to desire because you actually prefer to suffer.  You have not yet figured out who you would be without the suffering and so it is easier for you to keep suffering.  It is a passive way to live life and it is also so subtle in how it holds on to you and convinces you that you have no choice in this.

We have all heard the stories of some person who faces actual death for instance with a terminal disease and then when they recover they are changed, they suddenly realise how short life is and they stop suffering and start enjoying life. Nothing in their external reality changes except their outlook.  They jump into life with gusto.

You do not have to wait for death to come a-knocking before you just let go of the sad stories and LIVE!


That apology you keep thinking will heal you, may never come and even if by some mysterious chance it does, it will not heal you.

You cannot go back in time and undo all that you have done so what is the point of wallowing in regret?

And no matter how much of a martyr you become, you will never receive the love you desire that way so why hold on to this suffering identity?


Keep suffering


Start Prospering.

What do you choose?

Every excuse you give for not living in your purpose is prolonging your suffering.

I know you think your excuses are so true and so real but they are just your suffering self taking the reins of your life again.  You are so used to having them take the reins, you do not even realise it is happening.


Pay attention! You are literally stealing your own life from yourself. The past is not the present. Yes, it happened to you.  Yes, it was probably really terrible and yes, maybe ‘they’ even deserve to pay for their ‘sins’ against you…

But right now, you are the one paying.


Choose NOW to prosper and thrive in your true design.

I can help you see what you are doing to yourself.

I can help you understand more deeply and accurately how you hold yourself back so that you can STOP DOING IT!

A part of you senses that what I am saying is true but you just cannot hold on to the realisation of how you cause your own suffering.  It is so much a part of you that you cannot see where suffering ends and you begin.

I can help with that if you are truly willing to thrive and prosper.

the conversations I have to have with clients at times can be rather difficult because I challenge your old ways of thinking and allow you to see that you have choice and as much as people claim to want freedom, they don’t always want to let go of their suffering so they can actually be free.  The story of suffering is so much more comfortable to hold on to.  It means you can remain passive in your pain and that is all you know to do.  The alternative (the free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life) seems too difficult and too much of a pipe dream.

So tell me, do you truly want to be free?

Do you truly want to thrive and prosper?

If yes, I have 2 options for you to come work more closely with me to manifest your true design life rather than keep recreating the old painful one

✅ Let’s talk, one on one, for 50 minutes in the Prophetic/Intuitive Mentoring Session (https://mibusiness.lpages.co/pims/) – Come with your issue, leave with a clear, step-by-step plan to move forward which will include figuring out the inner stuff that is VERY DEFINITELY holding you back. You can find out all about it by going to https://mibusiness.lpages.co/pims/ – Weekly/Fortnightly Payment Plan Now Available

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There is no more time to waste in a financially restricted and unfulfilling life.

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