You pray and call on the angels, the Divine, the Saints etc

You affirm and affirm and affirm and decree and DECLARE with gusto…

You fast for days or do intermittent fasting

You stand in heat tents, sweating away the money blocks

You drink all manner of potions and herbs trying to clear all the prosperity channels

You journal & journal and journal to bring about clarity

You write out your annoyances & resentments and burn them up, hoping that in clearing them away, you will find success

You pick up more and more certificates to prove how valuable you are

You get more and more education to learn new ways to transform lives

You create more and more courses/programs/challenges trying to find some magical program that will just take off and money will pour on your head

You hug your inner child and allow yourself to feel loved all the time

You embrace your masculine or try to destroy it because it is the ‘bad’ ego, depending on your belief system

You meditate for hours

You learn all about how the mind works and try to program yourself for success using whatever technique seems to be the magic at the moment

You use all manner of breathing techniques to self-heal

You practise yoga and even learn to be a yoga instructor

And you learn reiki, emotional freedom technique, ho’oponopono and many other methodologies

And so on, and so on, AND SO ON!

Don’t get me wrong, all of these things are good…

But then I ask you about your marketing plan

And you are not sure

I ask about your sales strategy

And again, you are not sure

You keep listing all the spiritual rituals you are performing

You talk about your intuition and your downloads from the Divine

You tell me about your qualifications and the experiences that qualify you for this work

You tell me about the vision and all the lives you are called to change

The community you are building

The message in your heart

And it is all truly glorious and absolutely needed

But you do not have a clear simple plan to raise your visibility in the marketplace daily, to grow your audience daily, to make offers to someone or someones daily

The 3 key things that you need to do – Communicate/Connect, capture, close

Honey, I know you are seated at the right hand of the Most High

I know you are deeply spiritual, deeply connected and oh so intuitive

I even know that what you have to offer the world, is needed and essential

And I KNOW that your motive is pure

But unless you become a PRACTICAL mystic, your business will not succeed in the physical reality

So you gotta decide…

Will you allow yourself to be spiritual, purpose-driven AND financially successful?

If yes, then again, you need to do simple PRACTICAL things to grow your business.

Or is it enough to be spiritual, purpose-driven and financially restricted?

I can assure you that if you refuse to be practical, it is only a matter of time before you start to resent the people you feel called to serve who seem not to appreciate the power of your work and who do not want to pay for it.

OR, it is only a matter of time before you get sick from taxing your body with so much effort and so much disappointment and despair as things just never seem to take off like you thought they would.

Is that what you want?

Or will you ALLOW yourself to be spiritual, purpose-driven AND financially successful?

The world needs financially successful, spiritual people to rise up and take places of leadership so as to steer the world in a more peaceful direction but it will not happen while spiritual people refuse to implement practical sales and marketing plans.


People need your help

And there is no more time to waste in an unfulfilling and financially restricted life.

You are meant for more and you are freaking capable of a heckuva lot more


You would NEVER approach a job in this crazy manner so stop approaching your business like this

You need a practical strategy and I can help with that, while also deepening your connection to the Divine.

If you are truly determined to grow your coaching, healing, course-creator business to 6 figures by this time next year, get a free copy of the 6-Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Book at

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