Your spirit longs to live, to fly, to be truly alive

Your flesh is caught up in looking for all the dangers, caught up in comparing every new situation with an old painful situation, caught up in worrying that you just cannot do that while also keeping everyone in your life going.

Your flesh with its vivid pictures of pain and suffering and struggle, wins.

time and time and TIME again, your flesh wins.

And your spirit gets quieter and quieter as you get more and more stuck in your ways.

You feel the stagnancy creeping up on you and yet, you do nothing

Because every time, you consider taking a different step, you pause, hesitate, look to make sure you will definitely be safe, find no assurance and so you do freaking NOTHING.

Oh for goodness’ sake, honey, YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than this.

And you know it.

Deep down in the part of you that you continually ignore, you KNOW you are meant for, and capable of, more than this fearful existence.

The world sees you as ‘ok’

You know you are not.

You know you feel so caged, so trapped, so freaking fed up of pretending to be what you are not.


Yes, it will be a wild ride – this journey of awakening to the TRUE DESIGN life you truly desire to live.

the free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life will certainly come with its challenges

And yet, the person you will reveal in yourself as you choose to get on this path, is more than a conqueror.

The TRUE DESIGN you is magnificent.

Everything you have dreamt of, as possible for you, ABSOLUTELY IS!

But you have to get off the fear fence of passivity that you currently occupy.


And you gotta DECIDE that there is no other option other than to win.

Yes, there will be shaky moments where you are truly not sure how you will come through and then somehow, YOU WILL.

There will be exhilaration and terror.

Adventure, Blissful Joy and deep deep peace.

For you will be on your true path and you know that somehow on this path, everything is working together for your highest good.

It is time to believe in yourself again, my love.

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Be done with just surviving.

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