You keep downplaying the power of being you…

You think that what you have to offer needs to look like some other thing

You keep trying to box you up

You keep trying to be something other than you because deep down, you do not think that being you is enough

And I guess that is the way the world conditions us to think

Even as I type this, I KNOW it sounds crazy to tell you that BEING YOU is your service to the world.


There is no mistake about you

There is no mistake about you being here at this moment in time

You are the perfect expression of divinity, whether you believe it or not

And I will keep telling you until you remember

You need to have a deep knowing and acceptance of YOU

You need to be proud of YOU

You need to recognise the POWER of YOU

Yes, to bring value to the marketplace, you will need to figure out how to monetize being you

You will need to use words that the regular people in the marketplace understand

But firstly, for your own sake, you must KNOW that YOU are enough

Or else, you will keep twisting and turning yourself to suit ‘THEM’

And who the heck made ‘THEM’ the boss of you?

Who the heck said that ‘THEY’ know what you are worth more than you do?

WAKE UP, my love

We are called to a unique path, you and I

One where we fully own the power of being our true selves

Of living to our TRUE DESIGN

And you know it, or else you would never read what I write

As you live to your TRUE DESIGN, you bring something new to the planet

Something needed, even if not yet recognised…

Look around you…

So many of the things that you now take for granted were created when some person DECIDED that people need this, even if they do not know they need it yet.

The stuff you have to bring, may not seem essential

And yet, it is still needed though people are not even aware yet of their need until you WAKE UP and start telling them

Will you?

Will you value who you are enough to show up in the world BOLDLY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY?

The world awaits your awakening

I bring you WORK LESS, MAKE MORE as my service to you…

To support you in stepping into the work of being all of you

To support you in monetizing YOU

To support you in being fulfilled as you live to your true design

I call you to the Deliberate Life Path

It leads to freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love

Are you willing to be free, fulfilled and financially abundant?

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Much Amazing Love


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