There is a light within you, longing to break free…

There is love within you, stifled by your beliefs about what is acceptable…

And there is a hunger, a thirst, a deep ache to be all you are created to be…

There are books you want to write

Music, Art you want to create

Speeches you want to deliver

Businesses you want to grow

You want to live to the fullness of your potential

You want to see lives changed as you do all this…

And yet, you hold back

Scared that you will not be able to create a life while living your purpose

You see others doing what you want to do

And you think it is somehow easier for them because they do not have the same concerns that you do

Or maybe, honey, they do their purpose work regardless…

Maybe, they stopped selling out…

Maybe, they chose to get on the narrow path even though their circumstances told them that they should stop being silly and stay doing what everyone does…

Maybe, they chose to listen to and act on that internal nudge

Maybe they chose to stop living from the outside in.

And maybe, just maybe, you can do the same too.

Honey, the world awaits your awakening…

No, I do not pretend that it will be easy

But it is simple

Listen to the whisper within and act on it.

True prosperity lies on the purpose-driven path

True prosperity is found as you live to your true design

True prosperity is created from the inside out

Quiet yourself down – Breathe, focus in on your breathing…

Say these words to yourself as you write them in your journal (to be repeated at intervals through the day)

“I am love in this world

I am here with purpose

I have a gift of great importance to deliver to the world.

My gift is worthy of abundant financial compensation

I can live out my calling and create wealth

I now choose to be open to it

What is the best thing I can do next?”

And pay attention…

See what bubbles up within…


Do you not realise that you will not be satisfied until you do?

That the churning in yoru breast will continue to bug you until you respond and begin to create space for the calling?

This is not a ‘When I have time’ thing…

Today is the day to rise up and begin to live to the fullness of your potential

I keep sensing that the world needs each one of us to do what we are here to do…

We are here for a reason, after all.

Take your true work seriously

Stop allowing the external world to determine for you what you do next

I know it seems so real but it is an illusion – One we are all creating as we pay attention to ‘reality’

Instead, deliberately design your life from the inside out.


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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