Your Old Thinking Got You Here & It Will Keep You Here Until You Try Something New

By July 13, 2015April 11th, 2020Self Development

YOur old thinking got you hereSo… you want a super amazing life and a business that makes you so much money you don’t know what to do with it…


You do?

So what are you doing to make it happen?

What are you thinking, feeling, believing is possible?

Do you think it will drop into your lap without any effort whatsoever from you?



Surely, you see that it will not happen that way. You have to actually ask for it and how can you ask for something when you are not even completely sure what you want. I mean, seriously?

When last did you take the time to actually clarify what that longing in your heart really is for? When last did you really allow yourself to believe in the impossible?

Because you do think it is impossible, don’t you?

And you seem to be scared of opening yourself up to the possibility that you could have it because if it does not work out and you have allowed yourself to believe that it is possible then you think you will be even more devastated than if you never tried.

And yet, really? Is this all you want?

Because you could have more.

Yes, you will have to work for it but you are working right now for the life you do not want so why not redirect that effort. Why not?

To know that you are capable of so much more and to never allow yourself to make it happen in your life is such a loss. And it is also something you will regret so again, why not choose to wake up and get into action.

It might simply be a case of whipping out your journal right now and writing down exactly what you want life to look like? And then allowing yourself to be thankful for what you have currently while consciously allowing new ideas of actions you can take, rise up within you.

And then you can implement those new things, instead of pushing them back and reasoning your way out of a potential good idea, you could take action on it.

Supposing it works?

Supposing it actually does what you think it could do and all it requires is for you to get clear on what you want today and take action on it.

Life can be that simple.

We do like to complicate things.

It is like me, this morning trying to write this post – It took ages for me to get myself to settle down and write it because I kept thinking ‘it has all been said before, Who cares to hear it again?’

And the inner voice inside of me kept whispering “It may have been said before but is everyone doing it? No? Then speak, speak, speak again”

And in that moment, I got a choice about whether to obey that little voice or to reason and logic-alize myself out of just taking an inspired action.

And the experience of your life comes down to how many inspired actions you take each day. If you permanently think yourself out of great ideas then you never ever get what you claim to want. You get what you currently have because your old thinking got you here and it will keep you here until you try something new.

Your choice really.

What will it be?

Inspired action until you get where you want to go with no looking back…


Logical, boring action that got you to your current level of success and dissatisfaction.

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