Your Network Marketing Business – How To Be The Leader Who Leads Others to Success

Your Network Marketing Business – How To Be The Leader Who Leads Others to Success

Being a leader is essential if you want to build a solid team that supports other people in being their best self and that is what network marketing is all about – Supporting others and growing your business.

In order to be a leader, you must be an example. Sometimes, people get caught up in managing the team and wonder why their business stops growing. You are an entrepreneur leader so do not expect to become a manager any time soon. And why would you want to do that?  And also remember that you cannot baby anyone to success in their own business.  You can lead them, for sure but do not think that you can change them if they refuse to be changed and do the work.  Some of the tips in this post will enable you to lead while continually building your own business.

Here are some things you must put in place from the start in order to make sure that you continue to lead others to succeed even when your team gets very big and you are unable to look after individual people in the same way anymore.


  1. Have a team identity 

    Do this from the start. You may only have one person in your downline but you know you intend to get big so decide what your team identity is and what kind of people belong and who does not. Let your current team members be inspired by your vision.Know your vision and share it regularly with new members of the team. You have to keep them inspired if you want them to stay on track. As you know, it can be nerve-wracking to start an MLM business after the initial excitement has worn off and your distributors realize they need to actually work at it. Welcoming them into a team that has a vision and all the things I have already mentioned means they stay motivated unless they are not your kind of person.

  2. Set up an Online Group 

    It is very simple and straightforward to set up a Facebook group for your team. Do it now while you are still small. Get team members into the habit of speaking to each other in the group, asking questions in group and generally having fun together as you all encourage each other to keep moving forward. This then becomes a welcome place for your new team members to be plugged into as well. They never feel alone as they build their business.

  3. Do weekly training calls 

    Use something like Instant Teleseminar or Free Conference Call as a way to get everyone on the phone once a week to hear you do a little bit of training, acknowledge individual people’s wins and encourage everyone to get the support they need from you in that way.You can also do webinars which is a conference call with a presentation. Everyone can sign in, listen in and it makes everyone feel part of something.

The whole idea here is to enable people to feel part of something but then at the same time, putting in place a foundation that enables you to keep growing yourself and your team and yet, also inspiring others to do the same.

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