Your Money follows your Personal Development

By October 21, 2013November 6th, 2014Business, Financial Freedom, Self Development

Personal Development, Personal Growth, Self Help, Self Awareness, Wealth Enhancement, Building Self Identity or self esteem – So many names for one thing.  Is it essential, is it necessary?

Some emphatically say ‘No’, Some are ashamed to admit the need for personal development but wonder why they struggle to lift their level of income.  I say “Absolutely, YES!”


Personal Development and Your Business and Your money

Have you ever noticed that someone else is doing exactly the same thing you are doing but somehow they are more successful at it than you are?  Yes, in some cases, they have been doing it considerably longer than you(Don’t compare yourself to that person, LEARN from that person).

Sometimes, however, it feels like some things come easier to people around you than they do for you.  You may feel resentful or irritated.

You may even be jealous.  And it might even be your friend you are jealous of.

Some people find themselves making judgements of this person – Of course, she slept her way to the top; of course, it is because everyone likes her or maybe it is because everyone feels sorry for her; Or maybe, it is because of the way he or she looks; Or maybe it is because she loves money too much; or maybe he or she is too aggressive and so on, and so on.

Of course, It is never because of that person’s ability!

Do you hear yourself in that?  Have you ever passed judgement on someone for having more money than you, or getting that promotion that you were passed over for?

Stop it now!

It is a short road to mediocrity and self-delusion.

The truth is, in some ways it does not matter what he or she did or did not do to get where they are.  What matters is how much time YOU spend on personal development!

If you are struggling with the same issues you struggled with this time last year, if your cash flow in business is not increasing, if your relationship with your partner is getting worse, Look at the mirror and figure out what needs to develop in you.

Some people make money but get to a certain level and lose it all.  This cycle replays time and time again in their life.  Personal development is always the issue.

Some people can never get beyond struggle, no matter how much they earn – Personal Development again is the issue.

Most of the population of the world is waiting for a hero to come and save them.  They see suffering, tragedy and heartache all around them, they look at the government and wonder when they will do something to stop the events from happening.

They refuse to see that the answer is actually to be found in each one of us living our life to its fullest potential.  The answer is found in us taking our personal development seriously.

So where are you stuck?  What do you need to learn, do or give up in order to be free from the shackles that bind your life and your business?  Not sure?  Let us have a talk.  Book a Free success strategy session today and lets decipher you and get your personal development on track to get you where you want to go.

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