Though their approval would be nice, none of your loved ones need to agree with your vision in order for you to choose to do life your way. Set yourself free to prosper

Your partner does not need to understand.

Your brothers do not need to approve.

Your sisters do not need to like what you are doing.

Your parents do not need to give their blessing.

Your friends do not need to see eye to eye with you.

Your children do not need to sign off on your plans.

Your spiritual guru/coach/mentor does not need to understand your way of doing things.

These things would be nice but if you keep waiting for everyone to agree and give their approval, you will be dead before you even take a step.

Release them all to the Divine.

Release your deeply held need for their approval to the Divine. (Realise part of that need was conditioned into you by those who did want you to pay attention to their agenda)

Get off the game-playing arena where everyone is trying to get their needs met by everyone else on the game floor.

FOCUS on your vision and listen for those intuitive nudges from the Divine and MOVE YOUR AWESOME ARSE towards the goal.

Notice the fears that come up – RElease them all to the Divine.

Sometimes, take the time to see the payoff for the more persistent fears so that you can let go more easily.

Overall, just keep moving towards your vision.

Do you not see that as you expand and grow, the world expands and grows too?

Yes, firstly it is about your own happiness AND secondly, as you elevate, the world evolves and elevates too. Everyone benefits in the end when you give your own awesome self permission to break through to your next level.


I invite you to come work with me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY.

You need a new point of view – One that will free you from the chains that keep you anchored in the past and in the life others want for you.

You need to clear the blocks to peace and plenty, my love.

And I can help with that.

Much Amazing Love

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