I used to be a wimp

I did not know it

I cloaked it under sentences that included logical, common sense, reason, responsibility, other people need me, I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I have a great career and so on…

And I would have continued to go that way if not for the fact that I broke.

I went bankrupt

I got depressed for 4 freaking years.

During which time, I had my lovely, adorable, life-changing 3 princesses

And I finally started to wake up.

The final breaking moment (because obviously all the rest was still not enough) came at about 6 weeks after the lovely Princess H was born when I was being yelled at on the phone by one of my cousins and then by my brother about money and the things that they thought I should be doing, despite doing my very best to keep them happy…

They did not realise how much pressure I had been under because I had been too ashamed to tell anyone about how low I had fallen but in that moment, something changed inside of me.

I finally realised it was on ME to change my life

And I could wimp and moan and complain forever…

I could pray and beg and plead with the Divine forever…

OR I could freaking wake up and do the things I was scared of doing to turn my life around.

I was still scared

I still had no clue

After all, all my training in life had been to be an employee that toed the party line of society and a good, loving person that went along with the dogma of my chosen religion at the time – Christianity.

I had not really questioned anything about the path I was on

It was supposed to lead to a happy, fulfilled life but actually I was anything BUT happy and fulfilled…

My expenses went up with any increase in income and so, no matter how much I earnt, there was never enough…

And yes, you can come up with all your reasonable, common sense, logical sentences and tell me that I should have tightened my belt and saved more and got on with my responsibilities…

And many people go down that road – They become savers instead of consumers and tell themselves that they should be happy…

Man I even belonged to a church that tried to take that to the extreme…

But something inside of me KNEW I was meant for more than just managing, budgeting, saving, living on less, working all the hours God sends to put money aside for debt or some distant retirement when I will probably be too old & tired to truly enjoy anything AND I will still have to tighten my belt EVEN more because now I am dependent on some company or government, or WORSE, my kids, to give me a pension

I was meant for more than FOREVER putting my ideas on hold, waiting for spare time that was ever diminishing, hardly ever seeing my children and leaving them to the care of other people who do not care for them as much as I do, going to church all the time with the vague hope that ONE DAY, the pastor will give me a platform and I will be propelled to Christian fame and fortune AND ALSO, let’s not forget the front seat in heaven when I die.

I was meant for more than building every other person’s vision except mine.

I was meant for more than just barely surviving life.

This was not LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS that Jesus & Christianity promised me.

And I had all the wonderful sounding sentences about being grateful for what I had and God will open doors when the time is right, waiting for the children to be older and the parents/ siblings need me and all that great sounding stuff that people say to help them settle for a life they do not love.

But you know what?!

I was just being WIMPY!




And while I was being WIMPY, nothing was EVER going to change.

I would have seen more and more time pass me by as I got older, more scared and more set in my ways, more convinced that I had no choice, praying even harder for help from the heavens while even more determinedly staying still doing everything BUT what I really wanted to do, more concerned about not losing face with other people who had also settled for nothing much.

OH HOW GRATEFUL I AM to bankruptcy, depression and the Divine.

OH HOW GRATEFUL I AM to the cousin, the brother and all those people that reminded me that I was living well beneath my potential, even though their words really, deeply hurt at the time.


And now I see you…

Wishing that life would be different

And yet, allowing more and more AND MORE time to pass as you do absolutely NOTHING towards the life you claim to want.

You have all the reasons

You have all the great sounding sentences

And you can keep using them if you like.

You can keep giving in to your fears, self-doubt and self-trust

And you can even keep fasting, praying and hoping that the Divine is going to work some kind of magical miracle that will take away the need for you to DO something different…

And guess what, in 5, 10, 15 years, you will be in the same place with more sad stories and more justification for WHY YOU COULD NOT DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT.

You, my darling, are the magic, the miracle, the sign you are waiting for.


So awaken and stop wimping out!

You are pretty formidable when you really get invested in something.

So invest yourself in creating the prosperous, happy life you ACTUALLY want.

Your vision is your permission

You are capable of your calling


This will help

BOLD. SELF-ASSURED. RICH: 5 Days To Unshakeable Self-Confidence: Live FREE, WEALTHY & ON PURPOSE – Stop living for the weekend and start doing what you want when you want with whoever you want.

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Yep, I am being blunt because well, I already called you a wimp so what have I got to lose now? ha ha 😃

Hopefully, you can hear the heart behind the words and if you can’t, well, that is okay, I cannot please everyone and do not even bother to, these days.

The thing is, I know who you are and you are no wimp.

You have just been mass mind conditioned to act as though you have no choice when YOU ARE LITERALLY THE ONLY ONE WITH ALL THE CHOICES!

Anyway, enough.

I have gone on long enough.

Go get the course, for free, at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/boldselfassuredrich/ but only if you will actually freaking USE IT. FREE for you does not mean I did not shed BLOOD, SWEAT, COLD HARD CASH and more to learn it all so please, do me the small honour of using it, if you sign up for it.

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Anyway, enough, I say again.

Go get the course, FOR FREE, at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/boldselfassuredrich/

Much Amazing Love



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