If there was ONE overriding theme that I passionately want to impart to you, it would be this…




However, I have lots of words and there are many things I want to say so I would probably not stop there.

I would also add on…

✅ You are more powerful than you realise

✅ Life supports you & you are safe

✅ Prosperity in every area of life, is your divine right.  Be willing to claim it

✅ Your needs and desires matter.  Choose to create them, regardless of how unlikely it can sometimes seem.

✅ You NEED connection to the Divine – This is not optional as it is your TRUE DESIGN state, whatever name you give to that greater something – intuition, gut feeling, God, Infinite Intelligence. You and the Divine are unstoppable.  You, on your own… are quite stoppable, though you are still more powerful than you realise.

✅ You deserve to be loved. Stop putting up with fake ‘love’

✅ You deserve to live a life free of worry about finance so be willing to create it

✅ Your vision is your permission and you are very capable of your calling

✅ You are here on planet Earth to ENJOY being here on planet EARTH so please stop waiting for some next life paradise – This can be it.

Oh, I could go on

And I deeply believe every single one of these cheesy-sounding statements and I deeply believe there are no exceptions.

No, honey, you are not the exception.


There is no mistake about you being here, right now, on this planet.

But it will take you leaving behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past so that you can rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.

YOU HAVE TO GET DELIBERATE which is where the FIGHTING comes in.

Because you have been brought up in environments that did not support these ideas.  You were brought up around people who DID NOT KNOW these ideas!

But you are all grown up now and you get a choice.

“Will I continue to live as though I just need to get through & survive life or will I allow myself to thrive and prosper?”


Most people think that if they just passively keep doing whatever weak-ass thing they are doing then somehow, life will just mysteriously change for the better, simply because they got older.

I used to be THAT person.

It did not.

It got worse.


I started to fight.

I let go of old ideas, deliberately and sometimes, painfully.

I leaned more deeply into the Divine, without the old stories of what that was ‘supposed to’ look like

Life opened up, slowly, steadily, surely.

I made many mistakes (and continue to – No perfection here and no perfection required)

I simply immersed myself in new ideas by working with people I aspired to be like or people who had done what I wanted to do, by immersing myself in their work (I still do this)

I kept doing the next thing

I keep doing the next thing

I am so proud of what I have created with my life.

I am so proud of what I continue to create, very deliberately, with my life

It has not been easy but it has been simple, when I allowed it to be and it gets easier when you simplify things.

I considered myself important enough to support.  I honour myself. I make myself and my desires a priority. I fight for me.

I invite you to do the same.

Everything I have learnt and continue to learn that enables me to show up each day and fight for myself is in THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY

I too went through a period of time when I felt broken by life and all my mistakes.  I almost quit on myself.

How thankful I am, that the Divine was a permanent fixture in my life & He kept loving me back to life and How thankful I am, that I did not give up forever.

It took 4 years of depression but I AWAKENED

I don’t care how long it has taken you to finally be ready to hear this – NOW IS YOUR TIME – The Divine has brought you here for a reason.  You are reading this because it is YOUR TIME.

Will you act?

The ABUNDANCE LIBRARY Bootcamp series is designed to chip away at self-doubt and rebuild your confidence from many different angles – Go take a look at each of the Bootcamps at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-abundance-library

It is designed to give you back your fight!

Will you honour yourself enough to act on what has been calling you for a while now?

The ABUNDANCE LIBRARY programs, when listened to for 20 minutes a day, will immerse you in different ways of thinking across many different arenas of life and you can be sure that it will continue to grow during your immersion experience because I am forever learning new, more efficient ways of doing things.

It is designed to enable you to see that YOUR WAY of doing life right now, is not the ONLY way and in fact, YOUR WAY may be what is keeping you from the prosperity that you deeply desire.

As you open up to new ways of thinking, it becomes easier to consider new ways of doing life and you can then leave behind the pain and limiting stories of the past without too much resistance.  It is easier to let things go when you know your very safety does not depend on it.

Again, will you honour yourself enough to act now?

Come into the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY now if you are ready to truly believe that YOUR LIFE IS IMPORTANT and YOUR NEEDS MATTER and you are ready to honour yourself and fight for yourself.

It is time to uncover the TRUE DESIGN you.

Pop over to https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-abundance-library, get all the details and get started now from $9.97 / £7.50

Much Amazing Love


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