In theory, I could just stop writing this post…

The title says it all…

And yet, I keep talking, keep asking you to see, keep reminding you that…



And yes, you do create your own reality

You are the deliberate designer of your life

And everything you see ‘OUT THERE’ was created by you ‘IN HERE’

Reacting to it as though it is just happening to you, is silly

And yes, I talk as much to myself as I talk to you…

I too get enamoured with the happenings out there

I am getting better at not being so deceived but I know how hard it can be to turn your eyes away from ‘OUT THERE’

You already planted those seeds, my love

And now you have the harvest.

Maybe you like some of the harvest – GREAT!

Maybe you don’t – NOT SO GREAT!

Whichever way, now is the time to look within and deliberately design a new picture

You are the master here

You get to CHOOSE what happens next

And the quicker you take authority over it, the quicker you deliberately design a life you love

What does taking authority look like?


Whatever method works for you, do it.

Connect to the infinite so that your thinking is not limited to the mundane and physical

Allow your awareness to expand into the limitless as you connect to the power within you – You live and breathe and have yur being within this power.  Acknowledge it, connect to it.  I call Him Papa or the Divine – Whatever your name of choice is, CONNECT and allow yourself to become one with that limitless wisdom.


I like to write it all out over and over again, once a day, sometimes more than once a day, sometimes a few times a week – Whatever.

I feel into it as I sit on Papa’s lap, writing out my dreams and visions for all areas of my life, asking for input.  Trusting what I hear, making notes of it.  Picturing life as it will be when it is manifest.  Except learning to see that there are no successive moments, that everything is happening now so instead of projecting into the future, I see it as being done now. I feel the feelings of it being done now.

I revel in that inner world and I allow myself to get more and more enamoured by it.  It becomes more real than anything on the outside of me.


I partner with the Divine to bring my vision to life and so I need to do whatever I can to ensure that no beliefs, no latent ideas, nothing from the past is keeping me stuck and dark and YUK inside.  I choose to become a channel for divinity and there is therefore no room for obstacles, blocks to the flow of that power within me and so I consciously, deliberately notice where I might be getting in my own way and I heal, I clear, I do whatever I need to do to wipe it clean so that the power within me can shine forth to my outer reality, bringing to life the seeds I planted in the previous step.


I continue to seek guidance from the Divine.  I even call on the angels to come assist me.  I listen for what needs to be done and I do it.  Internally, I am focused and continually pulling myself back to focus.  Whenever I get taken in by the external physical reality, I pull myself back to the inner reality because again, the physical is just what I planted before – There is literally no point in being carried away by it.  It is done.  Now, I choose a new reality and I create it from within and hold to that vision.

This is what I know – THE WORK ALWAYS WORKS

And because I choose for the work to result in my fulfilling life, I do both the inner and outer work.  It is not enough for me to make money at any cost.  I choose to make money doing my true design work because I choose to be happy, fulfilled AND wealthy and so I keep my focus on all the things internally and listen for the intuitive nudges to take action on the outside.

But the inside always guides the outside – ALWAYS!

I choose no longer to be enamoured by the outside

I (and YOU) create our own reality


Honey, has your fire gone out?

Do you feel like you are just getting by?

Do you feel so tired from carrying the weight of everything and everyone?

Do you feel dampened out?

Are you paying attention to what is happening within you?

You the powerful person who has always known you are born for more.

It is time to wake up, honey…

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Much Amazing Love

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