I know you think you are being wise.

I know you think you are protecting yourself.

I know you think that it does not really matter whether you are trusting or not.

BUt it does matter.

It does make a difference to what you allow yourself to receive.

It does make a difference to your results in life.

While you think the world is out to get you, you will keep creating situations that prove you right.

Because though you doubt it, you are THAT powerful.

You create whatever situation you need to prove yourself right to yourself.

And why would you want to do that?

Why not look to prove that the world supports you in creating the life you desire?

Why not look for proof that you are safe and loved and protected by the Divine and the unseen realm?

Why not look for proof that people can be vehicles for your prosperity?

Honey, people ARE vehicles for your prosperity and when you set yourself up as an island, separate from everyone else because you think they are all out to TAKE SOMETHING from you then how the heck can your good get to you?

And for a lot of us, this is just a pass-me-down from ancestors, you know!

Ancestors who were stolen in the night and traded in by their relatives.

They passed the fear and the horror of betrayal onto you and you, without question, keep acting as though it is happening to you right now.

But it is not.

You are trapped in a pointless loop that you can break, if you would get deliberate about it.

Take a moment now and affirm to yourself – I am safe, loved, fully supported.

Breathe in those words.

Feel it to be real.

I know it will not feel that way to begin with but this walk we are on, is a faith walk so you have to choose to opt out of your old way of seeing the world before the new way will open up to you.

You have to choose to believe it, even before you see it.

And as you choose to feel into the new affirmation, start Looking for evidence that you are safe, you are loved, you are fully supported.

Actively choose to FIND EVIDENCE of it.

Start saying “YES’ to those intuitive nudges inside of you where before you would have said ‘NO’ because you were scared that it would not work and someone would take advantage of you.

Affirm to yourself that because you are loved, safe, fully supported, even if things do not pan out immediately, you will be fine because your good will always find a way to get to you.

You have to practise this, my love.

It will not change all at once.

the fear will feel so real when you start doing this.

You will think you are being foolhardy and the people around you, will also think that.

HOwever, that is because you have gathered around you proof of your old position that no one is ever to be trusted and even the people in your life are there because they think the same way as the old version of yourself.

Choose to change your environment and those you hang out with, at least until you have taken on you new way of thinking more fully.

Yes, I know that can also bring up other fears that you will be alone.

BUt be honest, YOU ALREADY FEEL ALONE in your little island where even your so-called loved ones are as likely to hurt you as they are to help you.

Are you actually losing anything when you choose to step away from the toxic environment?

If you are ever to give yourself a chance to truly prosper, you have to change.


You cannot keep everything the same and expect that somehow, your life will change.


You cannot keep praying and praying and begging and pleading with the heavens for change, if you are not willing to act on the intuitive nudges when they come.

Start by changing your internal tune from one of self-protection & isolation to one of self-trust, self-love and a knowing that the Divine has your back.

You have to cultivate this feeling DELIBERATELY.

And then get wise as to who you keep listening to.

Who you surround yourself with.

Take the time and make the effort to do this work, my love. Your life is so constricted at the moment because you are so afraid of people hurting you.

CHOOSE TO BREAK FREE INTO A WIDE-OPEN-SPACE LIFE full of happiness, adventure, expansion and fulfilment.

Choose to prosper.

AWAKEN, my love.

I strongly urge you to begin the work of freedom with THE FREEDOM COLLECTION.

Master your inner world so that you are able to take the outer action that will get you what you want.

Break free of old ideas and old ways of doing things.

You are born for so much more than you are allowing in.


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Much Amazing Love

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