Your Heart Is Right

You can trust yourself

You can trust your vision

You can trust the desires of your heart

I don’t care what anyone else thinks about the rightness or wrongness of you, your desires or your vision, their opinion means nothing about you so again I say, you can trust yourself, your desires and your vision.

Your purpose will not be hanging out amongst things you do not want to be, do or have…

Your life’s purpose will always be attached to what you want.

So stop listening to the noise, nonsense and drama that seeks to keep you on the well-trodden, unfulfilling path as you try to prove yourself worthy or try to earn the right to be happy, wealthy and fulfilled.

You are worthy

You are enough

There is nothing to prove nor earn.

Instead, keep your eyes on the end goal that you are absolutely determined to bring to life and move towards it.

Give yourself permission to be happy, wealthy and fulfilled.

You KNOW who you are

You KNOW what you are here to do

Lean into the Divine, ask for guidance, TRUST WHAT YOU HEAR and Take action

Trust that you can hear the Divine

Trust that you are supported, protected and loved.

Trust that you are not being deceived by your own awesome self

Your heart is right, LISTEN TO IT!

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