We humans can be crazy at times.

We tend to draw to ourselves the very thing we are trying to avoid.

You are afraid that you will not grow your business and so you do nothing to grow your business, just in case it does not work.

You are afraid that every dude/gal out there is playing games and that all the good ones are taken and so, you do nothing to find a new partner because it will hurt too much to find out that what you believed was true.

You are afraid that you will fall off the wagon again and gain all the weight you lost and so, you do not bother trying to lose weight at all while telling yourself some tale about being happy enough at the weight you are, after all, you don’t need to be a supermodel.

You are afraid that your relatives will want more money from you if you make more money and so you do not bother making more money just in case.

You are afraid that you will not get the promotion and so you never play full out at work because it feels like a waste of time to give it your all and then be disappointed.

Now the chances are, that you are not even consciously holding back from what you want.  The chances are that you think you ARE giving it your all.

Generally, I find that people tell themselves the story of ‘I TRIED EVERYTHING AND NOTHING WORKS FOR ME’ when they are trapped in this cycle.

I exhort you to level up your self-awareness, my love.

I exhort you to start paying attention to the stories you tell yourself.

It is tough to see this self-destructive tendency because you are so used to your own nonsense, you actually begin to believe it is true.

But it is not.

It is just fear cloaked as wisdom.

And if you want to experience the best of everything, you are going to have to get over this nonsense.

You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.  You could have EVERYTHING you want.

Will you dare to create it?

Will you dare to put yourself on the line and step out of your comfort zone?  Will you stay out of it completely?

If so, you win.

If not, you lose.

What will it be for you?

If you are that spirit-driven soul determined to create new income streams while empowering others with the message in your heart, I invite you to come work with me in the Deliberate Millionaire Assembly because you do not always see your limiting behaviours.  IN fact, the chances are that you NEVER see them and having an outside objective observer will help you move forward faster than you can ever move alone.

Between the immersion programs and the live calls and the daily support, it will be hard to hide from the truth of what is getting in your way.

If you are done with subtly holding your own awesome self back, pop over to https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-deliberate-millionaire-50-discount/ and join in now.

Much Amazing Love

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