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Your excuses do not deceive anyone

So, you don’t have time?

Or is it the money thing again?

Or maybe it is the fact that you do not believe in yourself again?

Or is it that you have to take care of the kids?

Or is it the fact that you are at work and your boss cannot abide the fact that you are starting a business…

Or maybe it is that need for health insurance keeping you trapped…

Yes, I hear you, over and over again telling me all the reasons why you cannot do something and I wonder if you think you are alone in feeling this way. Do you think that change comes at a most convenient time?

And it is change you are looking for, isn’t it?

Because all the reasons you have given me remain excuses until you change something. You are not suddenly going to get more time, money, space, self-belief, freedom or anything else for that matter by continuing to do the same thing over and over again.

I know you know this and yet, do you KNOW this?

Because when I hear you talking to me about all the reasons why it is different for you, I wonder who you are trying to deceive…

The only person being deceived here is you… and you are not even doing a very good job of that, anyway.

Deep inside, you know that it is not really the truth but you have lived so long believing it to be true that you are now not so sure, you have got fat and started to petrify in your stagnancy

And all the people around you have humored you for too long but, I won’t…

Oh no, I WON’T…

I will tell you like it is because I look at you and I see power…

I see leadership, authority and much, much more.

It is time to wake up, leave the excuses behind and get to work.

Imagine what would happen if all the effort you put into excuses was used in creating results – Where could you be in 90 days, in 6 months, this time next year? You and I know that whenever you get stuck into something, you do it well…

You just need a great challenge, a huge adventure to wake you up to the possibilities of who you are.

Come on… Wake up and live!

Let’s get rich, let’s make a difference, Let’s experience all that life has to offer.

No more holding back, no more excuses.

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

Let’s do it!

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Much Amazing Love

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