You are missing something your ‘enemy’ can see

Enemy Can See

Have you heard the story of Israel?

Nope, not their current political story ( I have not the foggiest what that is all about!) but the one of them being slaves to the Egyptians, the one detailed in the Bible, a spiritual book I have been reading since age 7 and each time, I go through it, something different pops into my mind.

Anyway, like lots of history, it tells of things that can inform our everyday life and whether you believe in the Bible or not, is irrelevant.

Anyway, the Israelites in this story were slaves, as I said…

And guess why they were slaves?

Because the people of Egypt got scared that they were increasing in number too rapidly and so decided to force them to work hard as slaves to keep them down.

OK, maybe, it is just me that sees the irony here…

But they were made slaves because there were too many of them.

The Egyptians were SCARED because there were TOO MANY OF THE ISRAELITES…

And yet somehow, the Israelites missed this crucial fact.

And because they missed it, they submitted and became slaves.

They allowed their children to be killed…

They allowed all manner of atrocities to be visited on them because the enemy saw more clearly how powerful they were than they did.

And I see that happening everyday.

People who believe a lie about how powerful they really are and so they allow others to control them, they allow circumstances to control them, they think there is no escape…

But the huge problem, the ONLY problem is that they do not see themselves clearly.

They do not understand the power that dwells within them and so, someone, something makes a slave of them.

And they retreat into victim mode.

Talking about how this drama or that drama is happening to them and they cannot break free of it and unfortunately, for a lot of people, they die in that state, thinking they are weak…

Thinking they have no power over their own life…

Thinking they have to submit…

Such a pity, right?

Especially because it is not at all true!

Please, I pass no judgment, I too have done my fair share of ‘Poor Old Me’ and there are days when I still do it. When I think that it is all happening to me and I weaken and I stop seeing the potential in every circumstance and I allow my own fears to weaken me and I keep looking outside of me for someone or something to blame.


The thing about waiting for a savior is that you go through hell while you wait.

The Israelites, while waiting for God to come save them, were put through all manner of atrocities and yes, some would say that God could have acted faster but really?

Why could the Israelites not just get up and go?

Are you waiting for a savior to come rescue you?

It is a long hard road, you know!

It would be better to just DECIDE that enough is enough and you are now getting out of that horrid situation.

It would be better to get up and choose to tap into a support system that will keep you strong even when you feel weak…

It would be better to see the strength inside of you and choose to believe in yourself even if it starts as a little morsel of faith.

That would be your best bet, you know.

You are not a victim, unless you choose to be.

You are never trapped, unless you allow your fears and doubts to choose for you.

Wake up, warrior.

Wake up!

Fight for, create the life, the business you want!

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