Your Ego Is Pretty Wily. You Better Be Aware Of Its Tricks If You Do Want That $5K Month

Our Ego wants us to be safe…

Our ego wants us to stay the same.

And it will literally do anything to make that happen.

It is determined, persistent and pretty awesome in the way it gets a target in mind and does WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve that goal.

Now, you may think that I am hating on the ego but no, I love mine and it is an essential part of enjoying life.

So you need it.

But you do want to make sure that you know where it is taking you.

It is really quite effective at getting you to its target, you just may want to be sure that its target and your target are the same.

My ego used to get me on merry go round chases of healing all the time…

It seemed sensible

But really, the cunning plan was to keep me so caught up in ‘healing’ that I would tell myself a story of not being ready or healed enough to take physical action towards my goal.

But then just as I realise that I am doing that again, my ego would then sell me a line about needing to take action on a problem I was having but by getting all enamoured with the problem, I STILL would not be taking action to build my vision…

But I would be busy doing SOMETHING and so, for a while, I would not realise that I had been taken in again and that I was running fast to stand still.

The ego is pretty wily, honey…

You need to take a moment to ensure you are on the same page with it

But even doing that, could end up being a merry go round, if you do not stay in control of the conversation.

Yep, I have conversations with my ego…

I love on it and thank it for trying to keep me safe

And then I sell it on where I want to go

And then we go together

I stay aware of when it seems like I am getting distracted and I check in again to ensure that fear is not ruling my awesome ego again

And we keep moving forward.

Distractions ALWAYS look like the best thing you can be doing in the immediate moment…

Which is what makes it so hard to notice, if you are not well versed in seeing that you are distracted and staying within the box of comfort and safety and security that the ego is trying to keep you in.

If you are committed to moving forward, it will help to have a mastermind or a coach or something helping you see what you are doing to yourself.


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Much Amazing Love

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