A lot of your struggle…

A lot of your trials…

A lot of your suffering…

Is simply because you are resisting your own desires.

You say you want something.

You pray about it.

You affirm it.

You decree it.

Maybe even resort to trying to bribe your higher power with ‘good’ behaviour for it.

You might even take a little action towards it.

But then, the moment the Divine tries to shift things to make room for your desire, you backtrack, get worried that you are about to lose everything, get anxious about the shifting and changing, get scared of taking THAT action that you sense deeply that you need to take…

And you just stall the whole thing.

You change your focus from expansion into your next level… to contraction and staying stuck in your current, ‘comfortable’ level.

Except you are not comfortable… not really. It is just familiar.

Your desires are trying to come to you.

And it may mean you need to change and let go of some things or some people.

Are you actually willing, my love?

You will not see the end from the beginning.

You are going to need to trust.


Or put another way, are you willing for life to be THAT good?

Most would say ‘YES’ but in truth, most back down before their desires have the chance to manifest.

I hope you are not ‘most’.

The ABUNDANCE LIBRARY will support you in staying the course until your desires come to life.

The programs will support you in leaving behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past.

the programs will help you remember who you are and rise victorious in your true design life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.

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Much Amazing Love

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