We all desire things…

And we have all been told to desire less things…

Right now, on the meetup website, I have a ‘loving’ soul trying to tell me that my desire to equip 334000 people to prosper as they live to their true design is impossible and I should join with him in lamenting about a world that does not want to hear our voices…

I decided not to join that particular pity party… unsurprisingly.

We all have desires

And we all have people who are quite willing to tell us that we cannot have our desires…

And you get a choice

Listen to them

Listen to the crazy voices in your head of teachers, leaders, parents telling you to not want so much

Or go deep within and listen to the voice of the Divine seeking expression through you.

Do you not realise that your desires are sacred?

Do you not realise that you want what you really truly want because you are destined to express that very thing?

And no, I am not just talking about the holy sounding stuff like love and kindness and all those things that spiritual people love to hang their hats on…

All amazing things, for sure but I ALSO mean the physical desires…

The toys you want

The sex you want to have

The money you want to have

All that stuff that you filter and tell yourself that you should not want…

You tell yourself that you cannot be greedy

You do not fully realise that you are just listening to the fear of those who taught you how to fear!

Give that up!


All of them.

they are birthed in the mind of the Divine to be expressed through you

So why the heck do you keep playing them down?

Do you not realise that if you have the dream for them then you have the resources to create them?

Do you think you were left abandoned to figure it all out alone?

Do you think the desires were given to taunt you?


It is yours if you will choose to create it.


Yes, you can choose to pollute your pure desires

Usually by thinking you have to steal kill destroy in order to get yours

And we see that in the world where people live in the illusion of scarcity and lack and so they think they have to destroy others to get their own.

But that is not you, honey!


We are love in this world

And it is as we express our true design that we can influence the world for good.

Stop holding back

Take a moment now and answer the question

“What do I desire?”

Answer it for the next 20 minutes

Allow yourself to wallow in your desires

Do not let the fear of ‘BUT HOW?” come into play

Just wallow in the vision of your desires come to life

You may need to do that simple exercise a few times to get really truly clear on what you desire rather than what others told you to desire…

But take the time.

“What do I desire?”

Honey, your desires are sacred

Stop stifling them

Make a commitment to make them happen and trust that the Divine is truly your Source and as you decide to step into your desires, all that you need will be provided if you have the courage to claim it.

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Much Amazing Love

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