Stop downplaying your desires, my love.

Stop thinking that they are beyond you.

Stop thinking that your desires are childish fantasies.

They are yours to create, if you will.

You have the resources, the wisdom, the ability to begin the process of bringing them to life.

All you need to do, is believe enough in yourself and this simple truth.

Stop looking outside of yourself for what you should do next.

Stop allowing the world to define what success should look like for you.

There was no mistake made when you were created with your specific desires and longings.

They are not there to taunt you and to make you feel forever dissatisfied.

They are there because you can.


And today is such a grand day to desire that YOU WILL!.

Today is a grand day to put everything else aside and focus on loving yourself enough to do that which you are born to do.

Stop telling yourself NO and NOT NOW and ‘Wait until…’

And definitely stop blaming the Divine when you are the one that refuses to begin today, right now.

Nothing is withheld from you, my love.

The Divine is not playing games with you, waiting for you to be perfect enough before finally you can materialise your vision.


You are the one telling yourself that you are not quite enough yet.

You are the one that believes you have to clean up everything and be perfect first.

You are the one that feels like you have to jump through this and that hoop for this or that person or even for the Divine.

But you don’t, my love.


You are ready right now, my love.

You can begin to claim the life you really desire, RIGHT NOW.

Stop waiting for permission.


Get on the narrow path now.

Connect to the Divine in a real way, not in a subservient, ‘need to apologize for my existence’ kinda way

Boldly ask for support to bring your TRUE DESIGN vision to life – Yep, take the time to figure out what you really do want – the Divine can also help with that so you are not just going after some mass mind conditioned dream.

Then act on that guidance.

Maybe it is to get some training.

Maybe it is to get that book written.

Maybe it is to approach that person with your proposal.

Whatever, whatever, whatever it is, DO IT.

The time is now.


AWAKEN, my love.

Claim your divine inheritance of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love.

Here is how I can get yo past your holdbacks – THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Get on the Deliberate Millionaire Pathway.

Clean and clear the obstacles to your prosperity.

Much Amazing Love

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