You are not created to do this life alone as a physical body trying to make sense of life without any access to the infinite wisdom of the universe.

NO, that was not the plan.

The idea is that you remember your oneness with the Divine.

The idea is that you live out of this connection.

The idea is that you are led from one amazing experience to the next as you enjoy planet earth without being stifled or limited or feeling unclear and stagnant.

However, as you descended into the density of planet earth, you forgot who you really are.

NOw is the time to remember.

NOw is the time to awaken.

You do not need to jump through hoops to be acceptable.

YOu just need to reconnect deliberately to the Divine, right now, as you are.

All the ‘trying to be perfect’ stuff is nonsense.

The Divine KNOWS who you really are, at your core so just connect and stay connected.

Feel worthy of the very best of everything and allow yourself to be guided to it.

Come take part in the EASY SUCCESS edition of the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

In 30 days, learn to connect and stay connected to the Divine as you dissolve all the lies you have about what connection looks like or how perfect you need to be first.

You will practise hearing the Divine’s voice for the month and you will get good at it.

ABUNDANCE becomes easier when you are connected.

This connection is your fasttrack to all that you desire.
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Much Amazing Love

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