Your confidence has taken a beating.

Your self-esteem is at an all-time low.

And it did not start all at once, it just built on you as day upon day, you kept allowing fear to make choices for you.

You kept telling yourself that there was only one way forward and you had to just lump it.

(Hint, if there is ever only ONE option, then you can be sure that fear has you by the short and curlies. There is always more than one choice, regardless of what story you are telling yourself)

Well, this is the thing.

You can change All of that low confidence thing.

You can choose again.

You can rebuild your confidence.

You can get more assertive and demanding about your life

You can make clear requests about what you desire and start now to expect the good things in life.

Confidence can be practised.

The practice involves connecting to the Divine, your ONE SOURCE of all good things…

The practice involves cultivating a deep knowledge of just how loved you are.

The practise also then includes taking the action that is calling to you, no matter how scary it may seem and even when everyone in your world thinks you must be a little loopy.

You take the guided step, knowing that you and the Divine are unstoppable and so, there is nothing really to fear.

The choice, as always, is yours.

I certainly don’t do the things that I do, because I always feel absolutely full of boldness.  I do it because I choose the outcome.

I choose to live free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched and so, I cannot live according to fear’s demands.

Yes, I needed to learn the difference between fear-based and love-based choices and sometimes, I still get that wrong because fear can seem so compelling when you are in the midst of its grasp.

However, I know that even the mistakes will be redeemed as long as I stay connected to the Divine and do whatever I can to follow the next love-based, intuitive nudge.

Fear convinces you that mistakes are fatal.

Love shows you that mistakes are just a part of learning and you can overcome anything as long as you choose to.

Oh honey, you had such plans, such hopes, such big ideas for your life and it is not too late to bring them to life.  I have supported people in their 60s in bringing big ideas to life so stop counting yourself out, whatever your age.

Your confidence has been shaken by the events of your life, I understand…

But this is not the end.

You can choose again.

You can retire fear from the throne of your heart and place love and connection to the Divine there instead.


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Much Amazing Love


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