You think you can separate yourself from your work but it is all one and the same.

As you shrink or stay stagnant, so does your business.

As you grow and expand, so does your business.

Are you paying attention to the nudges within, asking you to pay attention to certain areas of your thinking, being, acting?

Or are you trying to ignore it because you think that you just need to focus on the growth of your business for now?

You tell yourself that there will be time when you are rich to consider the hidden dark places and yet, your business stays stagnant waiting for you to realise that it is your reflection in the physical world.

What you think is hidden is showing up in your business…

No, I don’t say, spend 20 years digging and digging for all the things that could potentially be wrong with you.  That is also a waste of time and energy. No, the idea is simple not to ignore what you sense needs your attention.

As you push your business forward, what recurring thought appears in your mind, take it as the Divine trying to get you to fix that.

Then do the work to fix it.

And then as the next thing comes up, you fix that next.

You keep communicating



That never ceases.

The physical work plus the inner work.

Allow your business to flourish.

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Much Amazing Love


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