Your Business Success Is All A Numbers Game So Make That Number ONE Or TWO!

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Your Business Success Is All A Numbers Game So Make That Number ONE Or TWO!
You want something, right?

Success, money and wealth all rolled up into one but there is something in the way.  You are not making enough sales. You are not getting enough clients.  There are not enough leads joining your world.  You feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working right now.


OK so you are getting drips and drops but you are fed up of that frankly and you keep looking at new and exciting ways to do things but so far, no joy.

Every day there is a new system to try and you keep at it, working hard, putting yourself out there in 20 million different ways because something has to work, right?

Somewhere at the back of your mind is the feeling that you are wasting money and if you keep investing in your business,  then at some point you will run out of funds and then what?

Supposing it does not work…

Supposing you are just deceiving yourself…

And the doubts rear their ugly head again and again…

And you wonder what moment is the right moment to quit…

You have tried, right?

You have done your best,  given it a good shot, so when?

You do know it is a numbers game so you are reading this thinking yes, I know it all already and I wonder if you will hear this slight suggestion.

It’s up to you, of course.

But maybe you need to stop complicating things.

Just maybe…

All these twenty million things could work but maybe the better option would be to decide on ONE or TWO things that you will pay attention to and forget everything else.

If it is content marketing, then create content…

If it is Facebook Ads, then do Facebook Ads…

If it is solo ads, then do solo ads…

If it is email marketing, then do that well…

If it is networking, then get really good at networking and building relationships…

You could do everything on the planet and be mediocre at it all or you could play the numbers and get supremely great at your one or two ways of marketing.

Play your strengths…

That is it.

Keep it that simple.  You know that everything you are trying can work but this is the thing, you are spread too thin too really see the effect of it.

Pick something you like to do and do it, do it, do it until you are the best in the world at getting results from your thing.

You did not get into business to be a marketing genius but hey, no marketing, no sales so you do have to do it but don’t be so obsessed that you forget the goal.

The more people you serve with your thing, the more money you make. Simple.

So focus and be great at the one or two ways you market your thing and play the numbers until they tip in your favour.


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