I know, I understand, It feels so far away, It feels impossible, It feels like you have too much on, it feels like you are never going to get there and it feels like you need to just settle into your regular life and stop dreaming.

And yes, you could listen to that voice – that fearful voice that tells you that you cannot do anything different or you could wake up and listen to the real voice…

The one that wants to break free of all the chaos and do your real work.

The one that knows what you are born to create and deliver…

The one that knows your purpose, that knows your calling and is trying so hard to get you there but you are distracted.

So very distracted by life as it looks today.

And this is the thing…

Focusing on life today, getting caught up in all the nonsense of your life today, being dragged along by circumstances, no matter how responsible it seems… is NOT going to get you to where you want to go.

It will just keep you stuck in the NOW.

You will just get more of what you focus on – the chaos of the now.

Now the truth is, even when you get to the ‘THERE’ place that you want to get to, the chances are there will be chaos in that but hopefully, the difference is that you will become someone who recognizes that the nonsense in your ‘now’ will carry on being there and you always have a choice about what you do about it.

Do you get caught up in it and never build the business, the life you really want?

Or do you choose to be someone who sees reality for what it is and moves forward to what you want, anyway?

Because unless you work the business, unless you implement the actions to get to the dream, you will never ever get there.

You will just keep creating the same old, same old nonsense that you currently have in your life.

Because, honey, whether you like it or not, you are a creator.

You always create and maybe, for a long time, you have been creating things you do not want to create because you have not been aware of what you are doing but now, you know…

What are you going to do about it?

You have these huge business dreams and ideas and plans and then you open your eyes and the kids want you, the partner needs you to do this or that, your church wants you, your boss needs you and life is pulling in all kinds of directions and you have to make a choice…

Will you allow your life to be all about other people’s agendas or will you define your own agenda and work with focus towards it?

Will you face your fears about what constitutes selfishness?

Will you face your underlying beliefs about what makes a good life?

Will you choose yourself in the midst of the chaos?

Because if you will not, then you get what you get.

If you leave things to hope and chance then you get what you get.

And if you are pretty lucky, it might be what you want but it more likely than not, that it will NOT BE!

Your current life trajectory is an indication of what your future is going to be. If it is on the up and up, then as long as you keep taking the actions you are currently taking then, baring a few downs on the path, you will keep moving up and up.

If you do not like what you see however, then honey, you better change it or else… I will leave the rest of that to your imagination.

As the title of this says, your business will grow because you grow it and that is just the truth that you can try to hide from but it is unfortunately (and fortunately) the reality we live in.

Nothing happens only by chance.

You may experience chance and luck but you would have to be on the path somewhere to even notice it. It is like hoping that you will win the lottery and then never ever playing – There is no hope of chance and luck meeting up with you because you are not in the game.

(please do not think I am suggesting you play the lottery!)

When I started my property business, lots of lucky things happened and in between moments of terror and sheer hard work, I was astounded by how things had worked together for good.  The truth is, the possibility was always there but I had not noticed it because I was stuck in my current life, feeling sorry for myself and thinking there was no way out.

It was not until I chose to get to work despite the chaos of my current life that I started to see the doors open at just the right moment for me to walk through. Some of those doors demanded that I face my fears of what I am capable of, in order to walk through. I could have walked right past the door because I was still afraid even though I was on the path and the opportunity would have been gone and I would have said some crazy thing about things never working out for me.

But the truth is, they could have worked out for me, if I had dared to walk through the door.

You make a decision to work your business and then you keep making the decision to work your business even though you are still scared and worried and surrounded by nonsense because the nonsense does not go away just because you woke up to your options.

You have to make deliberate decisions over and over and over again.

I remember the day I won the Porsche Boxster – I had worked my socks off all year and finally, for the first time since my princesses were born, both my hubby and I had gone away for this conference where the winner of the ‘Better your best’ contest would be announced. That was scary – Leaving my babies with someone else.

The night before, at a party all the contestants and delegates attended, it was being whispered that another dude (a really cool dude, I must say) would win. And I felt like I had no chance in hell of making it through. After all, there I was, just a mum with a dream and yes, I had worked hard and done some stuff but he was a single dude with lots of time to go out there and make connections, do business deals etc etc and he seemed to have made stuff happen – How could I compare myself to him? So, even I thought he would win.

But I decided to show up anyway…

And then the next morning at about 5am, I had a call from my friends looking after my princesses telling me that my baby – only 20 months old at the time and she had been in and out of hospital since birth – was ill with asthma.

I was even more tempted to go back home, to give up after all I was not going to win. And now I would have an excuse for not sticking it out and putting myself out there. I could say I was being a great mum and that was why I did not stick around…

But after thinking it through for a little bit, I decided not to use my princess as my reason to not show up. Instead, I called on my brother to go stay with her until I could get home – The joys of having a doctor in the family and he was familiar with her trials.

I stayed, I gave my presentation and did my very best and left it to God.

And I won.

Even as I write this, I still feel the emotion of that day, not because of the car really, but because of the fact that I had proved to myself that if I set my mind to something, then I can make it happen.

I had been so passive for so long in my life…

I had allowed things to happen that needed not have happened if I had been deliberate about creating what I wanted instead of allowing what I did not want to win the day…

And the day, I won the Porsche made me realize that I was a creator – A creator of my own life experience.

I got to create being a victim of circumstances or I got to be a creator and for a year, I had started to be a creator and so fortune smiled on me.

I share this because I need you to understand that your life, your business can start to grow into what you want it to be, the moment you decide that it will grow.

It is ALWAYS your choice.

You may not see the results immediately but you will see them finally.

One day, you will look at your life and your business and you will be astounded by what you have created because you chose to create it.

Again, I say – Your Business will grow because you choose to grow it.

Each day, you are faced by choices – Shall I grow my business or will I allow the demands of my life determine my next choice?

What will your decision be?

No, I am not saying ‘ignore all the chaos around you’, but I am saying the thing you focus most of your attention on will grow and if it is the chaos, then the chaos will grow and you will continue to feel trapped in a life you feel responsible for but ultimately dislike.

1.Decide what you want from your life – Get clear in all areas.

2. Decide what actions someone who wants what you want will do each day

3. Do them – despite the chaos, despite what your old passive self thinks is right, despite what people think is right, DO THEM. Live as your expanded self, not as your passive self.

4. Tweak as your results start to change. Question your beliefs about what is right and wrong.

5. Be bold and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to you. No one can force you, you have to open your eyes and see them and walk through the open door.

6. Get someone to hold you accountable and support you in staying objective about what is possible for you or not. I have been working with coaches and in groups since I got deliberate about the results I want to create and so my life keep moving forward. Stop believing the lie that you cannot do this because you can if you are serious.

Honey, let me conclude this long epistle to say, your business, your life will grow only because you choose to make it so.

You can have the appearance of success or you can have the real deal – it is your choice.

You have been bestowed with the power to create your life experience – Will you use it?

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