You Have The Power


5 Part Deliberate Immersion Video Series: Discover Powerful Techniques That Enable You To Deliberately Design & Manifest The Prosperity You Desire Easily, Simply, Immediately.


You have the power to design a powerful love affair that transcends all love affairs ever seen before.

You have the power to create money - More money than anyone you have ever known.  

You have the power to travel the world and see many many places in this lifetime of yours.  

You have the power to eat whatever you want to eat and still be slim, sexy, strong and healthy.

You have the power to impact the youth in your community for good and see them elevated for all time.  

You have the power to impact the men, the women, the children in your community and teach them to do more than just survive.  

You have the power to live in that expansive house you dream of.  

You have the power to drive that awesome car that you have had your eye on.  

You have the power to sit on a mountain and meditate for years on end, without concern about how you will eat, drink or be merry because you finally see that your every need is taken care of, in grand style.  

What is it that you deeply, truly desire? You have the power to do that, to be that, to have that.

And I know that you can read that and think it is all too far-fetched and all too silly to consider.  

And because you think that, then that will be your reality.  

Not because it has to be, mind you.

But because you have chosen to think you are not powerful enough to create whatever reality you decide upon.  

And who put those limits within you, anyway?  

Who told you that you had to limit yourself in this way?  

And do you really want to keep listening to that?  

The truth is, if I had told you that you have the power to overcome the struggles of your life and then to face some more struggles and still be powerful enough to overcome them.  

You would have found it easier to believe me.  

Because that fits in more with your worldview.  

Struggle, Struggle, Struggle, settle for less and find a way to be happy enough with it then die.  

I know you do not think you think this way but take a moment and really check in with yourself.  

What do you really believe life is going to look like?  

And is it what you want or what you think you have to settle for?  

The truth again is that in this community, we probably have bigger dreams than most so you think that you are pushing the boundaries when you consider your dreams but still, tell me, how much have you dampened out your real desires because they just seem too far-fetched?  

I could talk about this forever but really all I want to do is invite you to join me for this BRAND NEW series I am putting together to support you in getting back in touch with your power.  

I know you have the Divine Power within you and it is available to you to create whatever you desire, and will hold the vision for.  

Now, whether you reach your highest ideals before you die, will be up to you.

And whether you tap back into that power or keep giving in to fear and doubt, will be up to you.

My role in this is to give you simple techniques that you can practise with, that will help you accelerate your full awakening.  

Will you join me?



✅ Discover EXACTLY how to use your thoughts, words, emotions, behaviours to bring to life your desires  

✅ Discover the power of your imagination and how you can strategically use it to deliberately design a charmed life.  

✅ Discover what gets in the way of you easily creating the life you desire  

✅ Understand why life was actually supposed to be easy and how to return to that enlightened state of being where good things happen automatically for you  

✅ Discover, once and for all, the one simple trait, available to everyone, that will propel you to your next level of prosperity with very little effort. This has always been available but more people are unaware of it and so therefore make do without it which does lead to great difficulties in life.  

✅ Learn ONE phrase that when used will free your inner tension and allow the desires of your heart to be manifested so much quicker.  

✅ Uncover the one attitude that will destroy your every prosperity manifestation and how to escape it.


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❷ OR get it as a standalone program to work through at home - An excellent way to access transformational information if not quite ready to do life with me yet. You will receive the first video immediately and then every second day, you will receive a new part until all parts are received.

Both options are below.  

Pick the one that suits you.

If you are a spirit-driven soul determined to do more than wish, hope and pray for change when you KNOW you are born for and capable of so much more, then tap back into your power by using the techniques detailed in YOU HAVE THE POWER, grab your copy of this program by clicking the button below or joining the Opulence Circle.




I am Rosemary Nonny Knight (RNK), The Prosperity MInister. 

Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist, stuck with my big ideas of what I wanted to make happen. I had a vision of supporting a large number of people to live into their calling but I just did not know how to make it a reality. So I stayed stuck, disbelieving my own vision, feeling deluded to think that I could make it happen but the universe had other ideas for me. While I clung desperately to my victim story, I allowed myself to go bankrupt and get depressed and out of the rockbottom, I realised that I had tried it the way of the regular world and maybe, it was now time to give the Divine a chance to co-create something amazing with me.  

I learnt that I had to release A LOT Of my old way of thinking to create ANY kind of success on my own terms and I realised that my clients also had to do that because no matter how many times I would tell them exactly what to do, while their mind was set to normal, they were simply unable to do the work.

I started to help them release old ways of thinking, same as I had had to and before I knew it, they were able to create the lives they desired.

Not everyone chooses to work with me privately and invest the $2500 a month that my clients pay and I really can only work with so many people and so now, I create Deliberate Immersion Series that support more people in releasing old ways of thinking. You can access them all within the OPULENCE CIRCLE or you can buy them as standalone programs. Either way, your life will be elevated.

If you are a spirit-driven soul determined to do more than wish, hope and pray for change when you KNOW you are born for and capable of so much more, then tap back into your power by using the techniques detailed in YOU HAVE THE POWER, grab your copy of this program by clicking the button below or joining the Opulence Circle.