It is tempting to forget just how valuable you are.

It is tempting to see yourself as just one little person striving to get by.

It is tempting to believe that nothing you do, can ever make that much of a difference.

It is tempting to think that today’s struggle may go on forever.

It is tempting to give up trying.

It is tempting to just react to life as it presents itself.

It is tempting to forget that this is a faith walk and instead just begin living by sight as a victim of circumstances beyond your control.

It is tempting to be afraid and to allow that fear limit your choices.

It is tempting to just go along with mass thinking because it seems so obvious.

And yet, something inside of you knows that there is more for you, if you will find the courage to claim it.

Something inside of you feels like it is dying every time you try to be like everyone around you.

It may be alright for them to settle for the status quo and you do not judge them for it (well, maybe, you do a little), but you just can’t.

You have caught a glimpse of what life can be like when you are truly tapped into your power, when you are truly free of the past, when you are free of needing to please anyone, when you are free of believing things have to be the way they always have been.

You have seen that other, more prosperous, fulfilling life and there is no pretending not to see.

And I can assure you of this…

If you will transcend mass mind thinking…

If you will face into the darkness within you…

If you will master your inner world and allow your light to shine through…

You will change a lot of lives.

You already are changing lives.

And you can take it to the next level if you choose to.

There is no mistake about you being here on this planet with that specific vision.

Your vision is your permission and you are capable of your calling.

Lean into the Divine.

Trust what you hear.

Act, even though afraid.

Expand, even though tempted to shrink and hide.

It is time to fully AWAKEN.

Today is your day.

Get a copy of the FREEDOM COLLECTION.

Let it support your full awakening.

Much Amazing Love

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