Your BIGGEST problem is that you do not trust yourself

You do not believe that you are enough

You are uncertain about how worthy you are

And you DEFINITELY do not feel loved

And so your whole life is spent trying to be someone other than you

And so YOU LOSE.

You falsely hope that if you can just figure out who the world wants you to be and BECOME THAT then you will win at the game of life but it is that flawed thinking that keeps you losing.

It keeps you in lack

It keeps you over-giving, under-earning, under-achieving and drained.

You think you can figure out the game of life by following all the rules that others set for you but that is EXACTLY why you feel like you are failing



It is YOU, powerful, limitless YOU that must show up and win.

YOU are the one to set the tone of your life

YOU are the one to decide on your own rules

YOU MUST play the game of life YOUR way

That is the only way for you to win.

It may seem that you must obey the rules others have instilled into you

But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEASE look at the lives of those who have taught you these rules


Are your teachers, parents, friends living the life you want? or settling, settling, SETTLING?

And if they are not, why are you going along with what you have been taught by THEM?

And for those who ARE living the life you want, are they playing the game by the rules others set for them or are they living to their own set of rules?

In fact, do you admire people BECAUSE they seem to live by their own set of rules instead of just going along with the masses?

So why then do you not do whatever it takes to rediscover yourself and play by your own rules?

YOU HAVE TRIED to be whatever they said to be

YOU HAVE TRIED to DO whatever they said to DO


WHY NOT start trusting yourself?

WHY NOT choose to KNOW that you are enough?

WHY NOT choose to KNOW that you are worthy?

WHY NOT choose to KNOW that life will mold itself into whatever form you DEMAND of it?

You are not subject to life

Life is subject to YOU

But only when you are being YOU






Powerful YOU

You have been outside of yourself for so long, trying hard to be whatever you thought the world demanded of you


DEMAND that life support YOU

And refuse to cave

DECIDE how life MUST work for you


Trust yourself

LOVE yourself

Allow yourself to be loved by the Divine

Partner with the Divine

Be ONE with the Divine in your TRUE STATE

Stop trying to be what you think the Divine wants you to be

YOU are all that is REQUIRED

And as you love and accept yourself, all the inner blocks melt away

And your true power to create life is freed

And what you decree, comes to pass swiftly, easily, predictably and simply

Because you carry this deep knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH

And you can have whatever you want, simply because you want it

No hoops to jump through

No external rules to follow

YOU are all that was ever needed

WAKE UP to the power that is YOU

That is how the game of life works

He/She who loves, trusts and accepts themselves fully and shows up in life as themselves, demanding that life support them in their creating, WINS

He/She who keeps trying to win by the rules that others set for them, LOSES


Be one within yourself

Be one with the Divine

Live life on your own terms


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Feel the layers dissolving off you

Feel yourself returning to yourself

Hear the Divine clearer

Hear Divine guidance more potently

Always know what to do next

Get clear on your life’s purpose

Know how to fulfil it

Increase your wealth

Become limitless as you drop the need to worry about finance and realise how easy it is to create an excess

You are meant to live in abundance

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You already know that you must be here

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Much Amazing Love

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