Life can feel like you are wading through thick, deep clear mud…

You can kinda see where you want to go but no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to get there…

The vision always seems a little bit out of reach

And you begin to despair

You begin to slow your actions as you get older

You try to settle into a life that feels kinda sad but ticks the boxes for success that some person told you to tick

Of course, it is not a conscious thing

It just creeps up on you

As slowly, slowly, the energy and enthusiasm of your younger years fades away leaving behind a shell that continues to function…

Sometimes, you function REALLY well but something is missing…

There is an emptiness inside

A deadness

And you can see it in the eyes of most of the people around you

The thing about you, is that though you have tried to settle, you just cannot fully

And so, every so often, you seek to break free of this thick murky film that seems to slow you down

But you do it by working harder within the confines of the familiar

If you want more, just keep working harder, you tell yourself

But it is not getting you to more

It is like you work harder to stand ever still-er

And so you get frustrated again and stop trying for a bit and try to convince yourself to be happy like all the rest of the people around you but deep down, you know they are not happy and you are DEFINITELY not happy

Then you make a religion out of your lack of happiness and tell yourself some story of how life is not about cheap happiness…

NO, it is about sacrifice and loss and learning how to put up with hardship…

And you are certainly the poster child for that

You pride yourself on your ability to keep pushing through even though you get nowhere.

Others even admire your tenacious spirit

But still something is missing

WHAT IS IT, you wonder


Can I tell you?

Will you hear me?

You are searching for YOU

The real YOU

The You that lies beneath all the nonsense that life placed on you

The You that was there even before time began

The YOU that came to this planet to have an adventure

The YOU that still screams within you for freedom

You ignore that YOU a lot of the time

It seems impractical



It goes against everything you have been taught to believe is the way to live a good life

And so you deny it

You try to pretend it is not there

And by doing so, you limit yourself

You keep looking out there for answers

When the true answer is within

You do things for money and it still does not even give you that much money

You do things for love and the love, if it comes, is conditional

These are the confines you have been conditioned to live within so no matter how much harder you work, you will keep standing still

UNTIL YOU REALISE that you must break free from those confines

Dare to listen to the YOU within

And begin acting as that YOU

Blasting through the confines of the regular world

Becoming something more – YOUR TRUE DIVINE DESIGN SELF

And as you allow that to be YOU, you realise you are limitless…

The adventure begins again, just as you planned it before you embodied this human form and forgot who you are

Are you ready to get back on the adventure?

I would love to help you remember…

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Much Amazing Love

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