You have been sold a lie and it is getting in the way of the truth

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You were sold a lie

I have a sneaking suspicion that you have been lied to…

Something does not feel completely right…

Where is the joy and fulfillment THEY told you would be yours if you just did this or that or the other thing?  But you keep hoping, you keep chugging along, believing in what could now be seen as a lie but you hope, you HOPE that it is the truth.

How long more, you wonder?

How long more do you have to struggle to keep up appearances before finally your ship will sail in?

And you keep being a little obedient person, doing what you are told to do and wondering, wondering when it will be your turn.

For the longest time, I lived like this, believing all kinds of nonsense about God, about business, about family, about life and wondering why it never seemed to stand up to scrutiny.

I was too scared to scrutinize it all too hard because that would be wrong.  I might find something that I am not ready to face up to yet and then what would I do with all that information?

Better to keep doing what I have always done because at least there, I would be safe and surely, THEY did not all lie to me, did they?


And then I would retreat back into mindless activity because to really think about it would mean everything would have to change and I just was not ready for that.

Change to what?

I did not know there was another way to live.

We had to believe in this God that seemed more like the devil but hey, THEY told us he loved us and so it must be true.  So what if he will only love us if we do certain things in a certain way and we sit down at the right moment in the service and stand up and shout ‘Amen’ at a certain other moment.

And let’s not go into all the rules we had to follow unless we wanted to go to hell.

It never quite reconciled with a loving God but maybe I am wrong about what love looks like, right?

OR maybe it was the family…

I had to do certain things in certain ways in order to make them happy because if not, I would be left out to dry and I would be on my own with no one to love me.  So what if it felt a little like they were trying to make me be something I was not, I had to go along, right?

Because this was love and the family was a safe place to be who I was… sometimes.

Families are supposed to be close to each other, right?

So, you allow them to trample over you because you love them, right?

And of course you have every right to be disappointed when they do not do what you want them to do for you… right?  After all, that is the unspoken promise of family but it only seems to work when you are being trampled on.

Or lets talk work…

You will work hard and pass those exams or else life will be horrible.  You will give up all dreams of doing what you would like to do  and instead, you will do what is most likely to give you an income and then when you have that income, you will be satisfied.

This is the formula to a great life or so we are told – Get a job that pays enough and be happy.  Simple but somehow, it does not feel too right…  And what happens when the job suddenly disappears and we are left out to dry, with no purpose, nothing to feel proud about and all that work seems like it was just a waste of time.

And even if you do keep the job, why on earth are you not happy?

OR maybe it is the role of a parent,

Give up all you are because parenting is all about sacrifice.  Then lay such heavy expectations on your child to live the life you gave up because it is your right to live vicariously through them, right?

Ok, you might be reading this and think I am just jaded – your life is not like this, is it?

You are perfectly happy with your choices…

No one forced you to do anything…

This is just the way it is so why even question it?

And I would say to you that even that way of thinking is a belief system that someone stuck in you and now you have accepted it as truth!

It is not truth!

THEY were making it up.  THEY were just like you making up the rules as they went and then THEY told it to you as though it was the gospel truth and you still refuse to question it.

And so you are trapped but not by THEM anymore…

Now you are trapped by YOU!

YOU and your fear that if you question too deeply, you may find that everything you have built your life around is false and then what will you do?

Because to see a new way is to have to do something about it.

And you don’t know what to do!

So you had better not look…

Plaster on a smile and pretend to be happy while spreading the same old stuff as everyone else.  And everyone smiles while deep inside they know something is just not right but we don’t know what to do about it.

So we just better tell our kids the same old lies we were told because it just has to work.

And then the next generation rebel and we call them some derogatory name because they refuse to play the game we have been playing with our life.

This ONE life, This gift we have…

And we squander it doing stuff we really do not want to do.

And why?


To avoid hell – you do not even really know it is there…

To avoid uncertainty – Well, you can remain certainly unhappy, I suppose.

What is it that is sooo good that you keep doing this for?

Nothing!  So why not let it go?

Why not choose to build a life and business you DO like?

What if you actually can!

What if that little voice inside of you asking you to wake up and live is actually the voice of truth?

That voice you have been trying to shush forever because it does not fit into your ideas of the ‘right’ thing to do.

You have been shutting it down for as long as you have been a ‘responsible’ adult but hey, you are here reading this and so there must be a part of you hoping and praying that there is really a different way.

You want to be happy, really happy, not the forced kind of happy where you have to pretend you are happy because you are supposed to be.

You want to be rich, not the fake kind of ‘rich’ where you look good on the outside but struggle so much with debt when you actually dare to look at the bills…

You want there to be purpose to it all.  This life that at times feels like a waste of time as you try to make sense of it.  I mean, you have been alive a long time now and still it does not make much sense.  It still feels as though you get somewhere only to have another level of ‘What on earth is this all about?’ happen again.

Are you done yet?

Are you ready to stop looking out there for an answer and start looking inside?

The life you have been sold is a lie but there are many other ways to do life if you will look.

The question is, will you?

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Much Amazing Love

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