You Want To Make Money Online? Here’s How…

It all starts with you knowing exactly what you want. Most people have these vague ideas of grandeur, they think that if they read enough or think about it enough or do enough courses then they will get into action and all will be well.

Sorry, it does not work that way.

Others actually buy into the concept that it is going to be super easy and will only take 4 hours a week to make things happen and yes, they too fall into the broke and poor category.

And then there are those who do not just consume information, they actually apply it like those on the Business Hero Bootcamp who are doing the work each day (Pity you missed it 😀 )

They do not dream about things happening, they add on a whole lot of action and MAKE stuff happen.

Which category do you fit into?

Yesterday, I mentioned the fact that I have about 1000 failed Facebook ads and now I have ads that work (though I still do a lot of tweaking) – Did it shock you?

I may not have pushed so hard to make money online if I had realized just how tough it can be at times. I like the idea of ease as much as the next person but thankfully, I got in touch with my coach who helped me see that it was always something more than just making money online that drove me…
I do what I do out of love.

I know I am meant to do this, there is purpose to it and so I push on, even on the days when things do not work the way I want them to, because I am determined that they will work and so they always do.

The question you must ask yourself right now is
“How hard will it get before I quit?”

And if you have a plan in mind to quit before you begin then, honey, don’t begin. It will not work.

You have to be willing to go through the pain in order to get to the promised land. Are you ready and willing?

Ok, enough of my talk, let’s get to business…

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One major thing to note – The online world works with a whole lot of words, that is just the way it is.
The only way anyone knows whether to work with you or not is based around the number of words and how well you sell yourself in those words. By selling yourself, I mean, how much value are you providing to the people in your world.

Building an online business is really as simple as…

  1. Define a niche (I like to make each client the niche so that you can be ‘you’ in your business and attract people who get you – Makes it more fun and then it does not matter so much what your product is because people buy into you and when you ask them to take an action, they do it because they like you.)

  2. Figure out the biggest pain people have – So, when you decide on a product, what are the reasons people want that product? Ask them, research forums, social media groups, other websites with active followers or if your ‘person’ is you, think back to what your biggest pain was (or still is) and create a lead magnet based on the information you gather. A lead magnet can be simply a report, an audio you recorded on your phone, a video off your laptop. Something simple that delivers the information – I have seen people come up with all kinds of fancy stuff and then never do anything with it – Waste of time.

  3. Create a landing page and ask people to leave their contact details in return for getting the lead magnet.

  4. Send traffic (people) to that landing page and have a way to store that information and send them the lead magnet, preferably automatically.

  5. Stay in touch with the people on your list, build a relationship and serve them continuously with things that will get them to their goals. Write blog posts, do videos, create some free gifts, find other people’s gifts to offer to your list. Also, create your own products, devise ways to work with people, sell other people’s products that you are happy to offer, write books, create music, do whatever as long as you know it will help the people in your world.

That is the simple process of building an online business (and it even works for offline business too) – It really is this simple.

Yes, you can get caught up in the details of it and how to optimize it all first but you are better off getting the barebones out into the world first and then figuring out all the detail as you go.

And of course, the problem is that people do not get the barebones figured out – They start to head straight for the complicated stuff first and get trapped in learning and never really getting anything off the ground.

But not you…

You actually do the work, right?

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

Kind Regards

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