You want to make a difference? Get RICH!

By June 25, 2015April 1st, 2020Self Development

If you want to make a difference, get rich

Talk is cheap.

I listen to people (and myself) drone on about what they want to do.

They talk about the difference they want to make in one sentence and then I listen to them in the next sentence telling me all the reasons they cannot do it.

Oh, I get it, I do!  I really, truly do because I too, have been that person with big ideas, big dreams, big plans for ONE DAY, when all my ‘i’s are dotted and my ‘t’s are crossed and then on that fateful day, I will change the world …

And it is easy to live there, right?

And then, there is that internal discomfort about whether you are allowed to create wealth and to state it so bluntly.  Would you not be greedy to WANT to be RICH?  and so we coat it in sweet-sounding words that mean nothing, that get us nowhere and that change nothing for us or for anyone else.

It is time to state the facts clearly – If you do want to make a difference, if you do want to serve people in an impactful way, if you do have ideas of changing the world, the easiest and most productive thing you can do right now is GET RICH!

Stop thinking about it, stop doubting yourself, just accept it and get into action creating it.

You can deal with all the internal drama as you go.

But first, COMMIT.

Commit to doing what it takes…

Commit to facing your internal nonsense…

Commit to accepting that the way you think now has got you here but it will not get you THERE and so it is time for a belief overhaul…

It is time to get to work creating that dream, super successful business you have been talking about forever…

And it all starts here – Join me for BRING THAT DIVINELY INSPIRED ONLINE BUSINESS TO LIFE IN 1 DAY – No more excuses, no more talk without action, it is time to get to work making a difference AND getting rich using your strengths.  The time is NOW!

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