You and I are here to fully experience all that life has in store for us…


And so, of course, you want more!

It is not a bad thing to want more!

It is a great thing!

You are alive, expanding, evolving, becoming more awe-inspiring, becoming more like your source and so, you want to be more every single day.

And some would tell you that that is a bad thing!

What utter nonsense!

It is not a bad thing to desire more, to dream bigger, to choose to step into a more expanded version of life.

Just don’t hinge your happiness on it.

That is the only thing to watch out for.  You can be happy and at the same time, be working to grow your business, to attract more customers, clients, recruits, to live in a bigger house, to speak to a bigger crowd, to have that awesome Porsche Panamera, to become a Jaguar driver, to travel the world in luxury, whatever your personal brand of ‘more’ is.

Despite all the wants and desires you have, you can choose happiness now, as well.

And you do that by writing out gratitudes each day…

Remind yourself and the universe why you are so thankful for the life you get to lead and also be thankful that you get to experience more and more of life and then unleash your awesome on the world as you go about experiencing more.

And no, it really is not wrong to want more!

It does not make you less spiritual to desire more.  If anything, it makes you more spiritual to recognise that you are created in the image of God and you continually choose to experience more and more of your God-like nature as you attempt to shed all limitation!

Don’t you see that it makes sense that you will always want more!

Call it a holy discontent, if you will!

YOu know that you are created to be more and you want it all and why would you not?

You are divine in nature so of course, you want more!

So, instead of feeling guilty about the fact that you desire more, instead OWN IT! and start taking steps daily in the direction of more.

Write out those desires.  Acknowledge them – There is nothing you cannot have or experience, if you let yourself.

And then each day, take inspired action towards them – It may be something small, it may be something huge, it will always stretch you a little and it will always be something that you are best designed to do.

You never have to be any less than yourself in order to create more…

So, expect to start owning your awesome and unleashing it on the world in whatever form, you think, is most appropriate at the time.

And as I personally believe that business is the BEST way to experience freedom – There are no limits in business!  You can make it as big or small as you choose, you can make it completely based around your lifestyle or choose a HUGE company with lots of people working under you – You can do anything you are willing to keep takign action towards…

And that honey, is the only limitation!

What are you willing to do to get all the dreams you want?

Are yuo willing to daily put one foot in front of the other and do the work?  Because if you do, then it is only a matter of time before EVERYTHING you desire comes to you…

So, back to business…

To grow your business to the place where it is making money for you, all you need to do is keep increasing that audience of people who want what you want to sell them…

One of the ways you can do that is by following my 90 minute daily plan – Get that at

Take action on that daily adn see your audience start to grow and grow and grow…

And then make sure you tell them what you have on offer…

Tell them daily in one form or the other…

Tell them how you can help them, how your product, your service, your business opportunity can help them and ask them to buy…

Make it exciting, make it enticing and watch them start to know you, like you , trust you and then buy from you…

And do not loose heart as your people go through this process – They too are expanding and as they expand, they let you into their heads and then they buy from you.

Whichever way, as you stay consistently on the path for you, it is incredible how things start to change for you.

You just cannot loose heart and quit!

You also really need not do the stop-start thing that I used to do and then wonder why nothing ever seemed to work – It was my lack of consistency.

As I said on an interview yesterday, our voctory is a done deal – there is no uncertainty about that – you can literally bank on the fact that if you continually take the daily inspired action then yuor ‘more’ will come into your life.

So, stay on path, BE YOU, show up daily and ask them to buy!

And most of all, acknowledge the fact that you will always want more and that is pretty darned awesome!

Because you can have it all!

So, why settle for anything less?

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want!

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