You want it? you gotta go get it!

You Want It? You gotta Go Get ItNow… just incase you did not know… No one cares about you as much as you think they should so expecting them to have your best interests at heart just because you are loveable is a fallacy.


I know, I know – Harsh, right?


I was driving past one of the main supermarkets here in the UK and suddenly got to thinking that they all say they are the cheapest and yet, there is no ‘like for like’ comparison to be made most of the time.


I then started to think about the food that I buy and wondering if it is actually made of food anymore or had it been saved since last year in some giant freezer in a storage facility, waiting and waiting for its time to be defrosted and placed on the shelf.


OK, maybe I am a little paranoid but thoughts like this do pop into my head now and then. The truth suddenly occurred to me that I was hoping and praying that the food I bought in the supermarket was actually as healthy as I wanted to think it was.


I was hoping and praying that they, the huge supermarket, had my best interests at heart and the truth is, of course, that they do not!


At heart, I do believe their intention is not to harm however, they serve a wide range of people who all have different ideas of what is the best way to go about doing things and so to expect them to be thinking of ME all the time is just a fallacy and it sets me up to be disappointed and feel like a victim.


The thing is, people do this all the time with the people in their life, whether it is a boss, a pastor, a parent, a friend, a partner, our kids.


You have this expectation that they must make you happy and if they love you or care for you at all, then they will make your life easy. Honey… That is sooo not true.


No one owes you security – If you want to feel secure, you have to create that for yourself.


No one owes you a living – If you want to live a full, powerful, healthy, wealthy life, then you are the one to create it for yourself.


No, no, no, I am not saying that we are all islands and we need to be super independent all the time and try to figure things out alone etc etc. No, of course not! It would be a very lonely world and possibly even more full of wars and dissent if that were the case.


However, this is the thing – Expectations that are not clearly voiced to the people you are expecting things from, are a recipe for disappointment and disaster!

You need to get clear on what you want out of a relationship so then you can ask very clearly for that result and if they are not able to give it to you, you then move on and ask someone else.


Your definition of the right way for things to be done may not be their definition and that is not a bad thing, that is just a difference of opinion and maybe you can go on to find someone else you can work with and who will choose willingly to support you because they agree with your way of thinking.


Just because you want a certain person to work the way you think they should does not mean that they have to. You may have your heart set on them helping you the way YOU want them to but they may have different ideas from you so why put all that pressure on them and all that disappointment on yourself?


Be clear about what you want!


Let them be clear about what they can give!


Do not take it to heart! It is not a slur against you if they cannot give you what you want.


You do not NEED any one person to love you, to give you what you think you want etc. You have the power to go and find what you need or want from any of the other 6,999,999,999 people on the planet.


Being a wealthy warrior means you are not a victim and you are not limited. You start to see the full range of resources all around you and you take full advantage of the options.


If one supermarket does not suit you, you go check out another one or maybe, you even start your own! – You do not stand around blaming and shaming and getting angry and feeling victimized.


Absolutely not!! You take your annoyance and you create something beautiful out of it. Something that serves people more like you, something that adds something amazing to the world.


No victims here – Only Wealthy Warriors ready to make a difference to the world around them.


If you want to find out more about what it means to be a wealthy warrior, then let us have a conversation. Send me a Private message or use your imagination and figure out how to get in touch with me and let us book a time to see if what I offer and what you want, align.


It could well be a beautiful partnership 😀

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