So I found the potter working at his wheel. But the jar he was making did not turn out as he had hoped, so he crushed it into a lump of clay again and started over.

From The Bible

You are holding on.


To the idea that life can be happy most of the time.

To the idea that it does not have to be a struggle all of the time.

To the idea that life can feel easy.

That your business can grow easily.

That your relationships can feel wholesome.

That you can feel enthusiastic and joyous and connected to the Divine all the time.

But these things have not been your experience.

Or even the experience of anyone you know.

And though you are the greatest champion of positivity to anyone that needs a boost.

Inside, you wonder if you are a dreamer.

You wonder if these positive things work for others but not you.

You wonder if life is just struggle and then you die, as some have said to you.

You wonder if the Divine even cares about you.

Or if he/she/it is even there!

You wonder if you just need to let go of your fantasies of building a purpose-aligned, prosperous life and join in with the ‘real’ adults because if you are honest, really, truly honest, life just feels tough a lot of the time.

And you feel like you might be living in a fantasy land.

Except, you cannot give up the fantasy.

And you keep doing what you know to create your vision.


You are right, my love.

Life can be easy.

Life can feel good.

Your business can grow easily.

And all the things you wish for, can be yours.

And the Divine is there and does love you unconditionally.

However, there is a little work to do within you.

Because you are the creator of your life.

What you are doing currently, is walking off a roof in exactly the same way every day and wondering why you keep falling down to the ground.

And then you pray hard not to fall to the ground but you then walk off the roof again and fall to the ground.

And you have been doing that for a long time and you are losing heart that you will ever be able to fly.

And if you keep going that way, you will never be able to fly.

Because there is a law in place – Gravity.

It is an impersonal law.

It applies to everyone.

And I know you know of that law but you do not know of the law of creation – Or you know of it but you do not know completely how it works but it is affecting you all of the time.

While you focus on why things are going wrong, things will continue to go wrong.

If you will master your mind sufficiently to build enough faith to hold on to the idea of what you do want and the feelings of what you do want, that will be like you walking off the roof with a jetpack on – THEN you will fly.

While you continue to see your physical reality as stuck and solid and unchangeable, even though you say with your mouth that you believe in the fluidity of reality, then you will keep experiencing what you are currently experiencing.

But if you will choose to PRACTISE changing your mind and keeping your mind fixed on what you desire and keeping your mood elevated at the level you expect to be at when you receive the desires of your heart, you will be like the potter, taking the same clay and creating something more awesome with it.

This is not the doing of the Divine, trying to withhold things from you so no matter how much you beg and plead with the heavens, if you are continually shaken by the physical reality and continue to see it as your source, rather than seeing it as something malleable and created BY YOU, then you will continue to feel like you live in a fantasy land.

I am not going to pretend that the path to a life of ease always feels easy – IT DOES NOT.

You are combatting years of programming in one particular way of thinking, it will take some doing.

So you have to decide if it is worth it to you to be free.

If it is , then I can show you how – THE FREEDOM COLLECTION.

I have put together a bundle of programs for you to begin practising the deliberate magic method where you deliberately design a prosperous life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.

It will take a willingness to be consistent.

It will change your life.

It will open you up to more prosperity, if you will work it.

You are already working hard at creating a life you do not love, surely it is worth it to you to use some of that time and energy and money to build a life you DO love.

You can get your copy of the collection for $22.22 currently – It is certainly MORE THAN WORTH it.

Much Amazing Love

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