You Want 6 Figures in Your Business? Here’s 5 Obstacles In Your Path!

By July 26, 2015April 24th, 2020Self Development

How To Step Into 6 Figures – 5 Obstacles In Your Path!

It always feels like you are pushing a boulder up a hill when you get started in business. You wish and wait and hope that you will finally hit the big time. I mean, you were successful in your career so why is this proving so hard to get off the ground in the way you envisage?

And here are a few things for you to consider…

1. You assume you do not need to learn how to promote you & Your Business

If this is your issue, surely, you finally realize that you must learn how to market your services. Here is the thing too many professionals are so used to their company doing all the heavy lifting for them, but now you are in business, you do all the heavy lifting in all areas of the business or else you sink or jus coast with the warm contacts in your world.

You never quite hit the big time until you start generating new leads and new business by promoting yourself better.

2. You want to remain hidden

You might want to hide behind your logo, your brand name and all that but the marketplace wants to see you. They want to know that there is an actual person who cares for their wellbeing hidden behind that logo. Show up powerfully in social media and on your blog. Let people know you and it will easier than ever to step into 6 figures.

3. You do not seem to be solving a burning issue

You know what people need and you keep trying to sell that to them instead of hearing what they say they want. Listen to the marketplace. Listen to what they say and give them exactly that. Deliver what they consider to be the issues and once they have put their money down, you can wow them with what they actually need to get the result they want.

4. Again, You want to remain hidden

But this time, you do it to avoid criticism. You are worried that people in your world will not accept the fact that you are now in business to create wealth. There may be some misplaced loyalty hanging around you that means you do not really put yourself out there as you could appear to be trying to be better than your friends and family.

You put an upper limit on yourself. This is hard to notice because you think this is the norm for you.

5. You are not being consistent

You start to do great work but you lose momentum because you cannot see immediate results. One key quality for all successful people is an ability to be persistent and keep moving forward because the vision they have for their business is so much bigger then their need for instant gratification.

Do you have a huge enough reason to keep pushing forward or will you keep putting your dreams and your ideas on hold waiting and waiting and settling for so much less than what you are capable of.

That upper limit comes into play here again. Break through it with the help of a coach who has your best interests at heart.

By the way,  if you are a determined dude/dudette with a burning desire to live a life of purpose, making money, creating freedom in a way that suits you and you are absolutely fed up of conforming, compromising, dampening down your inner champion in order to fit in, then work with me in the Deliberate Millionaire Assembly. 

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