You say… “What will people think?!”

People Please

How many times do you find yourself asking ‘What will people think?’.

You might even be saying it out loud to the people in your world. And then you go on to use that as a reason to stay hidden, to not do the thing you know you are meant to be doing…

And all because you are worried about how you will come across to people who are also worried about how they will come across to OTHER people who are worried about…. (yes you guessed it, we could keep going with this!)

And why, honey? WHY?

Surely you see that who you are is enough. And the dreams you have are not there to taunt you.

For a long time, I thought the dreams I had were given to me by a cruel God who just wanted me to give it up, to sacrifice, to play my part as the little woman who was beholden to the men in her life.

At church, I was told women can’t do that.

At home, I had been brought up to be a good African girl (It never worked though they tried! But I always felt guilty for not living up to THEIR demands)

At work, I jumped through hoops, hoping that one day, maybe my turn would come…

And finally, I woke up and realized that it was not God, other people, anyone that was stopping me, it was ME!!!!!!

I was allowing the crazy beliefs in my head to determine my future and it was time that that stopped!

I got on the journey to uncovering the real ‘me’, dealing with my need for approval (no, ADDICTION to it!) and life has opened up in ways I never thought possible.

Have you started your journey yet?

Or are you still waiting for permission?

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