The Confidence to ask for the promotion and the increase in income

The confidence to start the business & promote your message

The confidence to believe in the message in your heart

The confidence to get the relationship

The confidence to dump the unsatisfactory relationship

The confidence to be yourself

The confidence to ask for what you want and get it

The confidence to go to the gym and shape up

The confidence to be spiritual out loud

The confidence to ask for what you want in the bedroom

The confidence to trust yourself to make the right decisions

The confidence to lead your children decisively and also to leave them alone to grow, when necessary

You need confidence in every area of life

And your confidence has been waning recently, hasn’t it?

Life has been cruel and though you have stood, it has taken its toll on your confidence

And it is making you pause, when you need to charge forward.

It is time to change what you are immersed in.

Come into the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY now

Day by day, rebuild what has been lost on a more firm foundation

Rebuild it in a way that it will not be shaken again

Rebuild it from the inside out.

The external world can change and in fact, you can be sure that it WILL change and trying to think of how to manipulate and control it is tiring and draining and IMPOSSIBLE.

However, the changes you make in the inner world, are yours forever

And they will stand, regardless of what is happening out there

Please stop looking for more external reality tricks of manipulation – they have not worked and they will not work.

Go to the place that WILL work – YOUR INNER MAN

Uncover your TRUE DESIGN, CONFIDENT self

It is there, waiting for your attention and affection and THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY will lead you back there.

This is where your power lies – WITHIN.

Come now to and start your immersion.

20 minutes a day of listening

10 minutes of journalling


Go now and begin at from just $9.97 / £7.50

Much Amazing Love

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