You are born for more.

You have these big ideas about the impact you want to have on the world.

You are a strong person with a big, ever-expanding vision.

And yet, you continually allow yourself to be drawn into relationships with people who do not understand or support the hugeness of your dreams.

They try to make you feel bad for thinking so big.

They try to make you play yourself down

They try to make you feel horrid for putting your own agenda first.

So… you don’t.

And you have actually started to believe that there might be something wrong with you.

That maybe you are selfish.

That maybe you are deluded.

That maybe you should just give up and settle down into average life.


You need some better boundaries in place, my love.

You need a heckuva lot more self-confidence.

You need to powerfully own the fact that your vision is YOUR PERMISSION and you are absolutely capable of the desires of your heart.

And stop allowing anyone to bring you down to their level of thinking or being.

AND FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE, stop being drawn into all their dramas.

You are only doing this because you doubt the validity of your own vision, you know?!

I get that it has been hard for a long time and you have wondered why on earth you even think your big plans and ideas are possible for you.

And yet, there you still are, with those big visions and dreams that just will not go away.

They simply wait for you to act on them consistently, UNTIL THEY COME TO LIFE.

Not all this starting and stopping that you keep doing.

Honey, be wise about who you allow into your inner world.

Choose to create a relationship where you are truly supported and backed up.

Choose to be with someone who makes you and your vision a priority.

No, you do not need anyone to help you bring your vision to life but it certainly helps!

It is time to get deliberate about every area of your life, including your relationships.

This is your life. Stop leaving so much of it to chance. DELIBERATELY DESIGN IT.

Come now and work with me for 3 weeks in YOUR IDEAL LIFE PARTNER if you desire to create a relationship where you feel supported, respected, loved and listened to.

Be it in the one you are in already or in a new relationship that you are ready to create.

It is time to create fulfilling love that lasts.

It is in your hands.  Stop waiting for ‘THEM’ to change.

Get all the details and join in now at

We go live on Monday.

Much Amazing Love


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