You are called to change lives in a big way and you know it.

You are called to make a difference, to reach many souls, to change how industries run, to change the world with the impact of the message within you.

You are called to create generational wealth, to change the life trajectory of your children and their children and your great-grandchildren

Stop playing small.

Stop being so consumed by the need to be liked & approved of by people who are not ready for the power that you bring to the table.

Stop buying into limiting dogma and beliefs about money

YOU NEED MORE MONEY if you are ever to accomplish all that you want to accomplish on this planet

Stop making it sooo hard!

Accept that you need and WANT more money.

Own your desire FULLY!

You may not be of this world, but you are VERY FIRMLY IN THIS WORLD and this world works better when you have money at your disposal.

Allow yourself to focus on creating more money

Stop seeing money as some kind of enemy.

Stop being ashamed of wanting money.

Money is lifeless and meaningless until you use it and give it some meaning

Stop listening to all those broke people quoting rich people who say money does not make them happy


Though I KNOW you are not all that happy feeling financially restricted either, are you????

Particularly when you know you are meant to be doing big things in the world and you feel like you just can’t because you have JUST ENOUGH to meet your needs and those of your family (maybe)

You can pray all you like

Affirm every affirmation on the planet

Do every single spiritual ritual out there

But if you refuse to change your mind about money and its usefulness in your life, if you refuse to fully own your desire to create a lot of it, then how the heck can the Divine even get it to you?

You are so busy trying to appear holy to people who are trying to appear holy to you!

Get out of that stupid cycle and be one of the bold that admits fully to wanting lots of money.

Stop questioning your own motivation – You KNOW your heart.  Stop doubting yourself.  You KNOW that everyone around you and everyone you touch will be elevated as a result of being around the wealthy version of you so for goodness’ sake, STOP TRYING TO PROVE YOURSELF GOOD

You are good.

You have a great heart.

And yes, you deserve to have lots of money, if you will let yourself have it

And honey, think about what you are thinking about – If the good-hearted ones should not have money, is the intention then to leave all the money to those who you consider to be ‘bad’ hearted and less spiritual than you????


Focus on creating more of an income

BUILD YOUR BUSINESS/SIDE HUSTLE with a focus on making money as well as serving people.

SERVICE is the only way to allow money in anyway

You have to be providing some kind of service/product that people want whether you choose to do this in a job or business

But you MUST get deliberate about increasing the streams of money flowing to you

It will not happen by itself.


And please KNOW THIS, the Divine is not withholding anything from you

The Divine is not teaching you lessons

YOU ARE THE ONLY THING IN YOUR OWN WAY when it comes to the receiving of money



Right now is the time to turn your skills and wisdom into a 6 figure income(or more)


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