It started in childhood.  You wanted to be acknowledged, loved, praised, supported and you had someone taking care of you that also wanted those things – Sometimes, they wanted those things FROM YOU!

They were going through their own dramas and you were mostly ignored or they placed huge demands on you and made you feel ‘not enough’ when you RIGHTLY could not deliver what they were expecting.

The child became the adult before the right time

And since then, you have been taking care of many, believing it to be the nice thing to do…

The righteous thing to do…

The thing that the Divine will bless…

Except no.

It has just drained and tired you out.

You are also sooooo very conscious of the emotions of others…

You feel quite affected by their ups and downs

You are continually trying to change yourself to be whatever you think they need you to be

Except it never seems to work – You somehow always find yourself surrounded by people who do not seem to think you are enough, however you show up.

It has also caused you to go off your true design path to some wilderness place within.

There is ongoing low-level-sadness there

There is a feeling that you are wandering through a fog and wading through mud, trying to make your way… somewhere…

You have grand ideas of all you would like to make happen

You may even have started trying to do things to make more money and have more impact in the world but it feels like you are going round and round and round in circles and not really getting anywhere.

If you make more money, you somehow manage to give it away or spend it too fast for it to have any impact on your life so you end up back to square one or worse.

There is always some pull on your energy and time and money…


Are you fed up yet?

Are you FINALLY ready to get on path to financial restriction and fulfilment?

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