There is no doubt about your strength.  Everyone leans on you.  Everyone counts on you.  Everyone depends on your ability to hold it all together and you have been doing it for so long now that you have forgotten what peace even feels like.

You claim to want peace but a part of you thrives on chaos and you go looking for trouble, even when things are calm.

Of course, you do not know that you do this but please take a moment and really look at your life…

But you do not do that either, do you?

You go and you go and you go and you go!

There is always something to do

Always someone to save

Always some drama to solve

And it feels like you have no choice, I KNOW

If you do not do it, who will?

And even when they are not bringing drama to your doorstep, there is someone doing something TO you – Be it the boss demanding that you work incredibly long hours or the child getting sick and you ending up in hospital with them or the landlord refusing to do some work on the house and having the gall to kick you out of your home or something, something, SOMETHING…

There is always SOMETHING.

But you are stronger than most.

You can handle anything

You take perverse pleasure in being able to handle ANYTHING

Again, I know you are not completely aware of this.

In fact, you look down on people who always seem to have something wrong with them, just before you swoop in and save the day for them, of course.

But here is the thing, my love…

Your life is not moving forward

You have had dreams for the longest time and you are not bringing them to life

You seem to be able to help everyone else with their own dreams but what of yours?

When you stop to think for a rare moment, you feel despair, disappointment and sadness – This was not the way your life was supposed to play out

But then you stop thinking and get back to ‘saving the world’

When will you come back home to you, my love?

When will you give yourself the attention you desperately need?

Yes, you are called to make a difference in the world

Yes, you could make a lot of money doing what you are truly called to do

But you will need to be willing to love yourself enough to bring your own dreams to life

You will need to be willing to look within yourself long enough to pull out the parts of you that LOVE DRAMA, the parts of you that NEED TO BE NEEDED, the parts of you that THRIVE ON CHAOS

The parts of you that you refuse to see.

The parts of you that cry out for attention and when you hear them, you think it is the cry of the people in your life and so instead of looking within to help yourself, you go helping everyone else.

AWAKEN, my love!

You feel abandoned by the Divine but really, you have abandoned yourself

COME BACK HOME to you, my love.

There is a magnificent life you are here to create and live

I know that, deep down, there is a fear that there is nothing but chaos available to you but that is the lie that you need to defeat as you go on a quest for peace, purpose and a 6 figure income in your TRUE DESIGN.


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Let’s handle your inner world – Do you dare too?

As you read through the books and implement what you read, you will find that your life starts to work better

You will see opportunities for advancement that you could not see before

You will stop being so attracted to chaos, trouble, drama, noise and nonsense

You will start to allow other people to handle their own craziness

You will start to see that you are not responsible for EVERYONE

You will learn to stay in your own lane and you will stop being afraid of peace and start allowing it.

Yes, you will need to give up your stories but you will have less of a need to hold on to them

You are meant for more, my love – Will you please allow yourself to have the more?

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Much Amazing Love

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